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the Battle of Gettysburg

When was the Battle of Gettysburg 1863
How many days did the battle last 3
The Battle of Gettysburg was the___1_____ _____2_____ invasion of the ___3___ 1) last 2)Southern/ Confederate 3)North/ Union
Why did General Lee invade Pennsylvania To turn the tide of public opinion of the Union against the war and to get some badly needed supplies
What was unintentional The meeting of the Union and Confederates
What did the Confederate do on the second day Attacked various positions around the Union armies ridge with little progress
What did the armies do on the ridges around the town They moved and made camp
Who won the Battle of Gettysburg Union
About how many were lost on each side About 23,000 men
How did Lee attack All out attack on the center of the Union line by barraging the hill with cannon fire
Why were the South easily subdued by the Union They had depleted supplies and fewer men
Created by: GuineaPigwca