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PA History Chap 4

Chapter 4 Review

Tamenend a Lenape chief who signed the Great Treaty of Friendship with William Penn
Daniel Boone one of the best known trappers who led thousands of pioneers west
Johan Printz a former Swedish soldier who was made leader of New Sweden in 1642
Henry Hudson searched for the Northwest Passage to Asia
Sybilla Masters Philadelphia businesswoman who made a machine to clean corn
William Penn the founder of Pennsylvania, he believed that the Native Americans should be treated fairly
Hannah Penn the only woman to rule one of the 13 colonies
King Charles II the king of England who owed William Penn's father money and gave William the land that became Pennsylvania
Immigrant a person who comes to live in a new land from another place
Indentured Servant a person who agreed to work for someone for a fixed amount of time to pay for their trip
Trading Post Dutch explorers traveled to America in the 1600s to set up places to trade with the Native Americans
Colony a place ruled by another country
Port a place where ships load and unload goods
Slavery the practice of making one person the property of another
Frontier land on the edge of a settlement
Treaty a formal agreement between countries or peoples
Conestoga Wagon huge canvas covered wagons built in Pennsylvania
Walking Purchase a treaty supposedly signed by William Penn & the Lenape chiefs that gave Penn the land west of the Delaware River
Quaker William Penn was a Quaker, lived simple lives and believed all people should be treated fairly
Religious Freedom immigrants came here to be able to worship freely
Philadelphia "city of brotherly love"
Pennsylvania means Penn's Woods
Subsistence Farming practice of growing only enough food to survive with nothing extra to sell
Breadbasket of America family owned farms in the southeast part of Pennsylvania, raised so much corn and wheat it earned this name
Harrisburg an important port in Pennsylvania
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