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The Amer. Revolution

The American Revolution (8.19-8.20)

Battle of Trenton Washington crossed the Delaware River to lead a surprise attack against the Hessians in New Jersey on Christmas night; encouraged American soldiers to re-enlist
Battle of Princeton Washington led Americans to victory shortly after the Battle of Trenton; helped to keep soldiers from giving up and increased enlistment in the army
Battles of Saratoga American's victory here stopped the British plan to separate New England from the rest of the colonies
Valley Forge where Washington's army spent the winter in '76-'77; soldiers experienced great hardships; soldiers received extra training from foreign allies
Battle of King's Mountain British forced to retreat here with the help of the Over Mountain Boys from East TN; helped to bring more Southern support for the Patriot cause
Battle of Yorktown last major battle; aided by the French, Washington surrounded British Gen. Cornwallis & forced him to surrender; led British gov to sign peace treaty
George Washington Commander of the Continental Army
Benedict Arnold US General who became a traitor by trying to sell military secrets
Hessians hired German soldiers who fought for the British
Marquis de La Fayette French nobleman's son who came to America to help Patriot cause; an aid to Washington
Baron (Friedrich) von Steuben from Prussia, helped train Washington's troops at Valley Forge
Francis Marion known as the "Swamp Fox" because of his guerrilla warfare tactics
"The Crisis" encouraged soldiers and colonists to keep on fighting for the Patriot cause
Thomas Paine wrote "The Crisis"
Mount Vernon the home George Washington returned to following the Revolution
guerilla warfare surprise attacks from behind cover; unlike the European style of fighting out in the open
Over Mountain Boys soldiers from East TN who fought for Patriots and helped secure a victory at the Battle of Kings Mountain in South Carolina
Ben Franklin representative from Pennsylvania at the Continental Congress; visited France to persuade France to become US allies
Tories another name for Loyalists
Treaty of Paris the terms of agreement ending the American Revolution; written by John Jay,
Battles of Saratoga American victory which convinced France to become our allies
George Washington resolved the conflict between soldiers and Congress after Congress did not pay soldiers who had fought and won the American Revolution
Deborah Sampson disguised herself as a man and fought with the Continental Army
blockade British ships blocked American ports, preventing supplies and reinforcements from reaching the Continental Army.\
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