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Chapter 26

trench warfare war fought from trenches
total war war that requires he use of all of society's resources
propaganda information designed to influence people's opinions
Battle of Verdun battle in which Germany tried to kill as many French soldiers as possible, believing the French could not bear to see this historic city captured
Gallipoli Campaign Allied effort to destroy the Central Powers' guns and forts that lined the Dardanelles
genocide the deliberate destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group
Bolsheviks Marxist group that sought to lead a revolution against the Czar's government
Grigory Rasputin self-proclaimed holy man and healer, adviser to Czarina Alexandra
Marxism-Leninism another term for Bolshevism
Leon Trotsky top Bolshevik official who negotiated for peace with the Central Powers
New Economic Plan 1921 plan that permitted some capitalist activity in Russia in order to increase food production
Woodrow Wilson United States President during World War I
U-boats German submarines that threatened ships in the waters around Great Britain
Zimmerman Note German diplomat's secret message to Mexico urging an attack on the United State
armistice truce
Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson's plan for world peace, proposed in 1918
Treaty of Versailles treaty that ended World War I and punished
League of Nations organization of nations created with the hope of ending future wars
mandates territories to be ruled by European powers
Balfour Declaration statement issued by Britain in 1917 favoring the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine
Triple Alliance
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