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KS History - Chpt 3

Monarchy government by one ruler, such as a king or queen. A royal family
Cultivate to prepare the land for planting crops
Assimilate to absorb into the prevailing culture
Eminent Domain the right of the government to use private land for public use
Manifest Destiny the idea that America was meant to expand from coast to coast and was blessed by a higher power (God)
What were the FIVE motivating factors that drove Europeans to explore? The desire to spread their religion To conquer new lands The need to establish new trade routes Obtain precious resources such as gold or spices A thirst for new knowledge
What was the name of the Spanish explorer who was the first European to explore Kansas, and what was he looking for? Francisco Vasquez de Coronado He was looking for Quivira
What was the protective armor that the Spanish explorers wore called? Chain mail
Was Coronado successful in finding what he was looking for? No
What was the name of the man who put the names “Kansas” and “Missouri” on a map for the first time in history? Louis Jolliet
What type of things did the French trade with the American Indians? Guns, alcohol, metal
How did Native Americans acquire horses? From the Spanish
What three European countries were interested in trading with Kansas Indians? France, Spain, Britain
Which European people lived among the Native Americans, often times marrying Indian wives? The French
Were the Spanish allowed to trade guns and ammunition to the Indians? Were the French? Spanish- no French- yes
What diseases did the Europeans bring to Kansas? Smallpox, measles, whooping cough, influenza
What could the death toll rise to when these diseases went through an Indian village? Sometimes the entire village would die
What country sold the area of Kansas to the United States? France
What was that purchase called? The Louisiana Purchase
What were the four American explorers who traveled through Kansas to explore the west? Lewis and Clark, Pike, Long
What was the mission given to Lewis and Clark’s by President Thomas Jefferson? To find a water route that stretched all the way to the Pacific
What information did Pike bring back about Kansas? He thought that it was a desert and not able to be cultivated
What was unique about Stephen Long’s exploration of the west? He traveled by steamboat
What did Long label the area that would later become Kansas? The Great American Desert
Which president first thought to move Native Americans from their homes in the east, to the west? Thomas Jefferson
Which president enacted the Indian Removal Act? Andrew Jackson
How many Native American tribes were forced to live on reservations in Kansas? 19
Where were Native American children sent? Boarding schools
What THREE things were changed about the Indian children at this new place? Physical appearance, clothing, language, name, or traditions
What were the two trails that crossed through Kansas? The Santa Fe Trail and The Oregon-California Trail
What was the difference between the two trails? The Santa Fe Trail was a commerce route, whereas The Oregon-California Trail was an emigrant trail
Who was the “father” of the Santa Fe Trail? William Becknell
What Missouri town did both trails begin in? Independence, Missouri
How long did it take emigrants on the Oregon-California Trail to reach the west coast from Missouri? 4-6 months