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Final Exam

Questions / Answers on the past 5 units in Cargills

Name the 5 cities that has served as the capital of Georgia. Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville , and Atlanta
What were the two largest churches in Georgia? Methodist and Baptist
What scandal took place when settlers would bribe legislators to sell public land for cheap prices? Yazoo Land Fraud
What invention made the start of the cotton king. The cotton gin
Who made the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What development allowed the South's economy to grow the most? Railroads
What was the gold rush in Georgia named after what city? Dahlonega
Which Creek leader the Treaty of Indian Springs and was later killed by his own people later on? Chief William McIntosh
What was the one of the effects of the Trail of Tears? The Cherokee were removed from their land in Georgia.
What was the first " land grant university " in Georgia called? It was named UGA.
What were the flaws of the cotton gin? It made slave owners buy more slaves.
What was the Louisiana Purchase? The Louisiana Purchase was the land deal between the United States
What is a land grant university? The land was donated for the college by the federal government.
How did the land lotteries for Georgia effect its land properties? It gave the Indian's land away without asking the Indians to give them the land.
Who was the Creek chief who signed the Treaty of New York? Chief Alexander McGillivray
What was the removal of Indians from Georgia is remembered as? The Trail of Tears
What was unique about the university of Georgia? The university was unique because it was the oldest land grant university.
What were the two Indians tribes that got removed in the 1830s? The Cherokee and the Creek.
What were the effects of the head right systems in Georgia? It attracted settlers to buy land and slaves for the requirements needed to participate.
What was one the reasons why the capital was moving up west? It was because the population was growing west ward in Georgia.
What was the term " popular sovereignty " described as? It was described as which state could get the most votes.
What was nullification during the civil war? Nullification was when a state could have a federal government or not.
What did the Georgia General Assembly approve to show their support for the Compromise of 1850? The Georgia Platform which was also approved by our US Congressmen.
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? It only freed the slaves in the North instead of the South as well.
Where was the bloodiest war located at? It was located in Gettysburg.
Where was the second bloodiest war and was only for one day? The battle of Chickamauga
What were the two sides of the civil war? The Union and the Confederacy.
What were the Unions strengths and weaknesses? Con- had less experience Pros-had a strong economy, more soldiers, and had factory workers.
What were the Confederacy strengths and weaknesses? Con- had less people Pros- had more skill with weapons and had more land
Who won the election of 1860? Abraham Lincoln
What was the name of the Unions first battle? Battle of Antietam
What was the name of the first battle the Confederacy won? Battle of Chickamauga
Who was the Union general who made all the tactics in order to defeat the South? General William T. Sherman
What ended the American Revolutionary War. The Treaty of Paris
What was the Siege of Savannah? When the French surrounded the city of Savannah and fortified it and let no one come in.
Who was the lady who had a county named after her? Nancy Hart
What was a effigy? It was when a dummy would be hanged in a liberty tree.
What started the Revolutionary Period? The French and Indian War
What ended the French and Indian War? The Proclamation of 1763
What did the Proclamation of 1763 do? It made settlers unable to move west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger the colonial settlers? It angered the settlers because King George lll didn't along them to go west of the Appalachian Mountains.
What was the Sugar Act putting tax on? The Sugar Act passed a tax of sugar and molasses.
What was the Stamp Act putting tax on? The Stamp Act passed a tax on printed material, newspapers, documents, and stamps.
What was the Townshend Act about? It imposed a tax on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea.
What happened during the Boston Massacre? It was when a group of people threw snowballs at soldiers and it was resulted to the soldiers shooting and killing 9 innocent people.
What was the Tea Act about? It imposed a tax on tea so that it would reduce the massive amount of tea.
What was the effect of the Tea Act? Many people protested and resolved to them dressing up as Native Americans to then going on a ship with tea boxes so they could dump all of them out.
What were the Intolerable Acts? Made Georgia close all ports and made people not have gatherings with more than 2 people. Made the Quartering Act and no self government.
Describe the Quartering Act. Residents had to have a soldier live with them, also making sure they were feed and taken care of.
What was the break up letter with the king called? The Declaration of Independence
What were the three parts of the D.O.I? They were the Preamble, Grievances, and Declaration.
What was the Battle of Kettle Creek? A battle which was one of Georgia's wins and improved Georgia's militia.
Who were the three signers of D.O.I that were from Georgia. George Walton, Button Gwinnett, and Lyman Hall
What was the first type of colony Georgia had? A trustee colony
Who was the founder of Georgia? James Oglethorpe
Who was the name of the Yamacraw chief that welcomed the James Oglethorpe? Chief Tomochichi
Who was the translator between Tomochichi and James Oglethorpe? Mary Musgrove
What was the document called that made the boundaries of GA? The Charter of 1732
Define Mercantilism. Theory that colonist to benefit the mother country by importing and exporting from England.
How long were the trustees required to be in charge of the colony? 21 years
What was not allowed in the GA colony? Catholics, Blacks, Liquor, Lawyers
Why weren't blacks allowed in GA colony? The king was scared that the settlers would enslave them?
Who were the people who signed a contract agreeing to work to pay off a debt? Indentured Servants
Who were the people who were unhappy with the trustees? Malcontents
Who were the Salzburgers? A group of German speaking Protestants colonists.
Why weren't liquor dealers allowed in GA colony? The king didn't want the colonist to drink instead the king wanted them to work hard.
Why weren't lawyers allowed in GA colony? The king didn't want lawyers telling the colonists they had rights and didn't want to follow the charter.
Why did James Oglethorpe want to colonize Georgia? To give a new start to the prisoners who were in debt in England.
Who were the Highland Scots? The people who helped defend GA since they were known for protecting their own country.
Who were the crackers? They were the lowest class, who did not obey the law and were not welcomed by the other classes.
Who was the first royal governor of GA? John Reynolds
Who was the second royal governor of GA? Henry Ellis
Who was the third royal governor of GA? James Wright
Who was the first person to ever explore GA? Hernando De Soto
What was the name of the ship that landed in Yamacraw Bluff? The Ann
What was the mission for the Spanish? To have all of the 3 G's.
What was the name of the first planned city in GA? Savannah
What was the way that the Spanish spread their religion to the Native Americans? By having the Spanish missions.
What is the name of the busiest airplane in GA? Hartsfield Jackson Airplane
What were the sets of steel rails along which train run? Railroads
When you use two or more different modes of transportation to convey goods? Intermodal
How did interstate highway benefit GA? By making it easier to get from Point A to Point B with having a lot of traffic.
What are the two sea ports that we have in GA? Savannah sea port and Bru
Where was the first shot fired that started the civil war? Fort Sumter
What battle had Stonewall Jackson, who held his ground? Battle of Bull Run
What was the devastating military campaign that involved 60,000 union troops through GA ruining everything? Sherman's march to the sea
Who was the general who forced lee to fight in a series of battles which led to the confederates surrender? Ulysses S. Grant
Which amendment abolished slavery? The 13th amendment
Which amendment did not allow blacks to run for state office? The 14th amendment
Which amendment lets ever citizen to vote even blacks? The 15th amendment
Who was the brave commander of the Confederate side that led troops to the Bull Run? Stonewall Jackson
Who was forced to surrender to Ulysses S Grant at Appomattox Courthouse. Robert E. Lee
Who was the 16th president and saved the Union during the civil war? Abraham Lincoln
Who was the president of the confederate states of america? Jefferson Davis
Define states right. The right to states to limit the power of the federal government.
What was the site of the surrender of the Confederate army under Robert E. Lee To Ulysses S.? Appomattox Court House
What was the attempt to rebuild and reform the systems of the South after the Civil War? Reconstruction
What is tenant farming? When a farmer had their own supplies and didn't rent their supplies.
What is share cropping? A system of farming where the farmer has to rent their own supplies from their landowner such as seeds and equipment.
What were the causes for the start of the civil war? Slavery, States Rights, Sectionalism
Created by: Maryn13
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