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mon : ma :: leur : _______ leur
Notre : nos :: ________ : vos votre
Comment dit-on: her husband son mari
Comment dit-on: "his grandparents" ses grandparents
Quel est le contraire de "vieux"? jeune
Which is correct: c'est un grand animal OR c'est un animal grand 1st
Comment dit-on "I am their sister." Je suis leur soeur.
Comment dit-on "They are their sisters." Ils (or elles) sont leurs soeurs.
What is the feminine form of "beau" belle
One way of saying "grandpa" in France is ??? (not grandpère) papi
What is PACS a ceremony in France where there are rights and privileges of marriage, but not all the legal "hassle".
What are some sports in la famille Noah? tennis, basketball and soccer
Comment dit-on "They're very pleasant (nice)" Ils sont agréables.
What are two meanings of "beau-père"? Step dad and father-in-law
Which means tall: "grand" or "gros"? grand
When would you use "vieil" versus "vieux"? In front of a masculine noun beginning with a vowel. Such as "oncle"
Finish the sequence: "mon, ma, mes...." ton ta tes son sa ses notre notre nos votre votre vos leur leur leurs
Comment dit-on "My parents are proud of my brother" Mes parents sont fiers de mon frère.
Which is younger: aine or cadet (stupid accents didn't work - grrr!) aine
homme : femme :: oncle : ???????????? tante
Created by: lfineman