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Egypt Test Terms

Papyrus Reeds pressed together so tightly they make a sheet of paper.
Pharaoh The leader of egypt, the role is past down through family.
Delta The part of a river that flows into the sea, making a large fertile area
Pyramid A structure that is built using huge blocks of rock into a triangular shape, with a flat bottom. It has tunnels and rooms on the inside.
Cataract A part of the Nile in Upper Egypt that has many rapids.
Dynasty A period of time where one family has the power.
Hieroglyphics the ancient writing used by Egyptians to record things and write down laws. Mostly pictures.
Mummy The corpse of a person that is wrapped in linen and many special ceremonies have been done to it, part of Egyptian beliefs.
Upper Egypt Actually the Southern part of Egypt, a land separate from Lower Egypt, and fought for Egypt’s land.
Lower Egypt Actually the Northern Part of Egypt, a land separate from Upper Egypt, and fought for Egypt land.
Nile River The river that flows the the country of Egypt, has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians had only this as a source of water.
Uniting of Lower and Upper Egypt It is believed that Menes, first the king of Upper Egypt then the first pharaoh of Egypt, united them after he won control of Lower Egypt. But some historians believe that this so called “first pharaoh” doesn’t even exist
Annual flooding of the Nile River Valley (the calendar seasons) During certain times of the year, the Nile floods Egypt, leaving the silt and some of it’s water during this event. This happened once a year in the transition between summer to fall. The egyptians noticed this pattern and created a calendar
Importance of religion to Ancient Egyptians The religion is important to Ancient Egyptians since they actually thought their pharaoh was a human representation of Horus, a god. They also believed that the gods were the reasons for the sun’s rising and setting every day.
Who held the power of Egypt? What type of ruler? The pharaoh held the power of Egypt, and he was above all others. He, or she, was in charge and made important decisions, but they also had others do some of their work.
Importance of the afterlife This was important because afterlife was, after all, where their soul would go after death. They buried themselves beside friends and with special objects to take with them.
Explain how the Nile flooding helps farming of Egypt. This helps the farming because the water comes along with fertile soil, making the crops nice and healthy when they grow.
What crops are grown in the Nile Valley? Wheat, Barley, Vegetables, and Flax were all grown in the Nile Valley.
How did the Egyptians begin to tell when flooding would occur? The Egyptians had a calendar that could tell them when the flood would occur.
Created by: Winter1540
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