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How long ago was America first discovered About 30,000 years
Who came to America people and animals from Asia
Where did they arrive In modern day Alaska
What did they cross to get to Alaska Bering Strait
When did they cross the Bering Strait Ice Ages
What covered North America Glaciers
What was used to cross the Bering Strait land bridge
How long ago was America discovered the second time 1,000 years
Who crossed the Atlantic first to America vikings
Where did they come from Norway
Where did the vikings land Canada
What is that area called now Newfoundland
What was the name of the son of Eric the Red Leif Ericson
When was the third discovery of America about 500 years ago
Who discovered America the third time Christopher Columbus
From where did Christopher Columbus sail Spain
What year did Christopher Columbus spot land 1492
What island did Christopher Columbus land on first San Salvador
What island did Christopher Columbus see next Cuba
What did Christopher Columbus name a large island he found Hispaneola
What countries are now on Hispaneola Haiti and the Dominican Republic
Who were the king and queen of Spain when Columbus sailed King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Who was the first Englishman to sail around the world Drake
Who is America named after Amerigo Vespucci
What Frenchmen explored the Mississippi River La Salle
What treaty line separated newly discovered lands Spain and Portugal found Treaty of Tordesillas
Jolliet and Marquette explored the Mississippi River for what country France
who crossed into modern day Texas at the same time as de Soto Coronado
Giovanni Caboto who was sponsored by England sailed under what name John Cabot
What early Italian explorer has a New York bridge named after him Verrazano
Who explored the St. Lawrence River Samuel de Champlain
What state's coast did Juan Cabrilho sail along California
What gulf was explored and named by Jocques Cartier St. Lawrence
What river did Hernando de Soto discover Mississippi River
What explorer was sponsored by Holland and England Henry Hudson
What English queen challenged Spain for control over The new world Queen Elizabeth
What section of North America was named by Ponce de Leon Florida
The Puritans and Pilgrims came to the new world in search of what Religious Freedom
What was England's first permanent colony Jamestown
What four settlements started where a river opens up to an ocean New York,Boston,Baltimore, and Charleston
Who said"... that he who will not work shall not eat," Captain John Smith of Jamestown
Who was the first European to be born in America Virginia Dare
What two groups of people were brought to the new world to work for free slaves and indentured servents
What mountain range lies directly West of the thirteen colonies Appalachian Mountains
What document was written in 1620 and setup the rules and regulations for the Plymouth colony Mayflower Compact
George Calvert founded this land in 1623 Maryland
What was the major Dutch settlement in the new world New Amsterdam
What country established Fort Christina Sweden
Who founded Pennsylvania William Penn
Who founded Georgia James Oglethorpe
Who founded New Jersey Lord John Berkley
Who founded Connecticut Thomas Hooker
Who founded Rhode Island Roger Williams
Created by: Amowery19
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