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#3 Religion Terms

#3 Religion Terms

Judism The monotheistic religion of the Jews
Supreme Power Higher unseen power thought to have created the world and now oversees it.
Soul Inner spark that is separate from body and mind, most important part of a persons beings.
Big Questions The questions religions try to answer- answers cant be tested, a persons has to have faith in them.
Worship Show respect and devotion to a deity.
Prayer/Meditaion Giving praise, thanks, or asking for guidence/help Used to build a special relationship.
Scriptures Religious writings treated with respect.
Sacred Objects A particular place or thing used for worship that is treated with great respect
Festivals Celebrate special events in the history of a religion. Remind believers of their faith and bring them together.
Preist's/Leader's Officials who have public duties like leading an act of worship. Try guide people to the spiritual world.
Rites of a Passage Special ceremonies to celebrate key stages in peoples life.
Monks and Nuns Monks are men and Nuns were women. Stricter rules governing heir lives and practice their faith.
Deity A god or a goddess



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