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Early People Test

Social Studies

Does the year "2015" mean the same as "2015 AD" ? Yes
Does "BC" mean "before civilization" ? No
On what continent were the earliest human remains found? Africa
What do archaeologists mostly use to learn about prehistoric culture? artifacts
What was the time before people invented writing systems known as? prehistory
Early people stopped moving from place to place with the development of what? agriculture
What do you know about the Lascaux Cave? paint was made with rock/saliva/animal fat, images were created with fingers/brushes, and very few humans were drawn
Which professional is dedicated to the study of ancient people and artifacts? archaeologist
How do archaeologists draw conclusions about prehistoric people? by analyzing artifacts
What are some features that are a part of culture? customs, beliefs, technology, etc.
What marked the beginning of the New Stone Age? the use of polished rock tools
What were the "three sisters" ? corn, beans, and squash
How did plant and animal domestication affect community life? people had more food
When did the people of Clovis use handmade tools? during the ice age
What did the different cultures in America rely on for development? available resources
What is something that was NOT yet developed in the Stone Age? techniques in metalworking
What was the importance of the findings at Monte Verde, Chile? others may have lived in the Americas before the Clovis people
Which animals did early humans domesticate? those that met the people's needs
What did surplus food lead to during the Stone Age? social divisions within a community
What is the long period of time before people developed systems of writing and written language? prehistory
What is the way in which humans produce the items they use? technology
What is the raising of plants and animals for human use? agriculture
What is taming wild plants and animals? domesticate
What is the method scientists use to estimate the age of living things after they have died? carbon dating
What is a surface feature such as a valley, plain, hill, or mountain? landform
What is the relationship between physical features, climate, and people? geography
What is a group that divides up certain kinds of work due to a surplus of food? social divisions
What is the study of how people live in cultural groups? anthropology
What is the technology, customs, beliefs, and art of a group of people? culture
What does Neolithic mean? New Stone Age
What does Paleolithic mean? Old Stone Age
Created by: kristinnash
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