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Honors english exam


evoke shows
apostrophe detaches from reality, represented by exclamation
metaphor comparison without using like or as
symbolism symbolic meaning on something
personification innanimate object given human characteristics
excerpt part taken from a text
irony situational...verbal...dramatic change in events
limited omniscient only knows thoughts and feelings of character
analogy comparison between 2 things
uncertainty not certain
despair complete loss or absence of hope
irritation state of feeling annoyed, impatient, or angry
disapproval not content with something
pensive engaged n
similie comparison using like or as
onomatopoeia sounds describing actions
meticulous showing attention to detail, very careful
sustenance food and drink regarded as a source of strength
salutary producing good effects
overt not secretive or hidden
comprehensible easy to understand
laborious requires a lot of work
fanfare media attention
flourishes bold extravagant gestures
dismay consternation and distress
embedded fix firmly and deeply in a surrounding mass
negative connotation implied meaning (negatively)
Created by: ADwatkins
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