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WWI & Great Depress

GA History - WWI & Great Depression

Stock Market Crash (1929) A major stock market collapse that led to investors losing over 40 billion dollars
Lusitania British passenger ship that was sunk by the Germans in 1915. Over 100 Americans were killed
World War I major war primarily between European powers; U.S. entered the war in 1917
Boll Weevil insect whose larvae feed on cotton crops; decimated cotton production in the southeastern United States.
Bank Failure when a bank ran out of reserves to pay customers who wanted to withdraw their deposits.
Drought of 1924 one of the worst droughts in Georgia’s history
Dustbowl name given to a period of time in the Midwest (1930-1936) characterized by drought, gigantic dust storms, and major agricultural damage.
Eugene Talmadge four time Georgia governor that fought against Roosevelt’s New Deal policies.
Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd President of the United States from 1933 until his death at Warm Springs, Georgia in 1945; visited Georgia more than 40 times for his treatment of polio at Warm Springs.
Warm Springs Georgia city that was home to Roosevelt’s “Little White House;” site’s warm water mineral springs were used as a rehabilitation center for polio victims
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) a New Deal program that paid farmers a stipend not to grow crops in order to increase the price of agricultural products
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) a New Deal program that hired unemployed young men to work on public works projects.
New Deal name given to a series of federal programs spearheaded by President Franklin Roosevelt in order to help the nation recover from the Great Depression.
Rural Electrification Act (REA) the New Deal program designed to build the capabilities to bring electricity to rural areas.
Social Security Act (SSA) New Deal program that provided retirement and unemployment insurance for American taxpayers
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