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unit 4 2017

the constitution 2017

what was the first law of the United States? Articles of Confederation
Define Amend: To Change
Why were the Articles of Confederation weak? Because the states had to much power
Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Who is the father of the Constitution? James Madison
Define delegate: Representative
Who is the father of the country? George Washington
What is the supreme law of the United States? The Constitution
Which states plan for the creation of government involved representation based on EQUAL RIGHTS? New Jersey
Which states plan for government involved representation based on POPULATION? Virginia
How many BRANCHES did the new government have? 3
What is another word for Congress? Legislature
What branch of government has the most power? they are all equal
Who is the father of the economy? Alexander Hamilton
What branch of government INTERPRETS laws? Judicial
What branch of government ENFORCES laws? Executive
What state made the Great Compromise? Connecticut
Why was the Great Compromise so great? it created a bicameral legislature
How long is a senators term in office? 6 years
Define Bicameral: 2 house Legislature
How many Senators are there in the Senate today? 100
What plan of government was the Senate created from? New Jersey Plan
What plan of government was the House of Representatives created from? Virginia Plan
Define RATIFY: To approve
Define unconstitutional: Illegal
What did each state have to do in order for the Constitution to be created? Compromise
How is the President elected? The Electoral College
What are the 1st 10 amendments of the Constitution called? The Bill of Rights
What state has the most electors? California
Who are electors? Representatives from the Legislature
How does a state get a lot of electors? If a state has a large population, than they will have a lot of electors
What is the Presidents CABINET? People who advise the President
Freedom of speech and religion are rights protected under what amendment? 1st
Where are the first ten amendments found in the Constitution? The Bill of Rights
An example of a person having freedom of religion is: A Muslim woman wearing a veil, A Jewish man going to the Synagogue, A Christian wearing a cross
The freedom to say unpopular things against the government is protected under what amendment? 1st Amendment
Is it legal to burn the flag in America and why? Yes, it is protected free speech under the 1st amendment
How many ARTICLES are there in the Constitution? 7
What is another word for ARTICLE? chapter
What is the supreme law of the United States of America? Constitution
How does the beginning of the Constitution begin? We the people......
How long does a President serve in office? 4 years
What does VETO mean? say no to a law
Who has the power to veto a law? Executive
How long does members of the Supreme Court serve on the court? life
How do you become a member of the Supreme Court? You are appointed by the President
How many electors are needed to become President? 270
What protects people's INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS? The Bill of Rights
Which state has the LEAST electors? Wyoming
Who does the Bill of Rights protect us from? The government
Who did not send delegates to the Constitutional Convention? Rhode Island
What is the introduction to the Constitution called? Preamble
How many amendments have been made to the Constitution in TOTAL? 27
What ruling for voting purposes made enslaved people worth less than white people? 3/5 Compromise
Define IMPEACH: Charge a president with a crime
Created by: rsweeney