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Government 1 final

What is realignment?
Give an example of a splinter party
Give an example of an ideological third part
What is meant by the plurality system?
How many electoral votes exist?
How many electoral votes does a presidential candidate need to win?
What is the electoral college?
What is the method by which a State it’s it’s electoral votes?
What is divided government?
Give an example of a blocking tactic. Holds, filibusters, poison pill amendment
How are the parties (in Congress) becoming more polarized?
What are the three faces of a party?
Where do the parties formally nominate their candidates for president?
What is one important task of the national committee?
Where do parties formally adopt their state platform? State convention
In reference to number 15 what is a platform? The agenda/what you stand on/what you want to achieve.
What kind of people Attend conventions? Diehards
What is the P. I. E.? Is it as polarized as the others? Measure partisanship among voters
What is the RINO?
What is a blue dog? How did that name derive?
Name the core constituents and core economic interests of both parties. Democratic- young, racial ethic, minority, women, labor force, both high and low education, urban,N/NE/PNE, catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc.less church Republican- older, white, men, business owners, bachelor deg., rural, S/MW/MA, Protestant more church
Name the three given examples of wave elections. 1994,2006,2010
What is a wave election? Incumbent party loses control of Congress and states could also lose control of local gov’ts.
What is meant by “red state” or “blue state”?
What did new deal politics do for the democratic party? Made them the liberal pro gov party
Why were of observers shocked by President Wilson in the progressive era?
Open till the 1930s, for what party did African Americans vote?
Up till the 1930s, for what party did African Americans vote? Republicans
From 1850 to present, what are the two major political parties? Party of president Lincoln
From 1854 to present, what are the two major political parties? Democratic and republican
From 1824 to 1832 what were the two major political parties? Democratic and whigs
From 1812 to 1824 what were the two major political parties? Democratic National republicans
From 1788 to 1812, what were the two major political parties? Democratic republicans and national republicans
Who did the democratic party claim as the founder of its party? Andrew Jackson
The Whigs were formed mainly due to....
What event ended the era of good feelings?
What was the era of good feelings?
Who was the last federalist president?
What party is sensually ended because of their lack of a stance on the issue of...... Slavery kills Whig party
Prior to the progressive era, what region made of the Democratic Party?
What is dealignment?
When someone claims to be an independent, what does that mean?
Who are the national chair people for the Democratic and Republican parties? Tom Perez, Democrat and Ronald Ronnie, Republican
In the election of 1912, the bull moose progressive party was formed. What example of a third-party fits the bull moose party? Splinter
When was the last realignment?
Independence are more likely to vote..... ticket then....ticket Split than straight
What is meant by tipping?
Roughly how many people claim to be an independent? 42%
Are they truly independent? No
What importance do Ross Perot and Theodore Roosevelt have in American politics?
At what level does the party adopt it’s national platform? National convention
Why is the P.O.Highly polarized? What is to win the election
Why are R.I.N.O Extinct and blue dogs a dying breed?
What is a political party?
The political history of the parties can be traced to what important argument? Constitutions ratification
What kind of system does America have? Popularity system- most votes win
Name one aspect of the Whig party platform. Re-charter national bank, public works
What was the corrupt bargain? John Addams made president and Henry Clay not
What region Is more likely to be conservative than liberal
What region is more likely to be liberal than conservative
Change in party allegiance causing a long term effect
Break away from a minor party; forms own Bull moose progressive 1912
Entire platform revolves around one issue *p.227
P.I.G., P.O., P.I.E
National convention
Rise of independents
Independent party
Created by: Mariahstarr
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