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final 100

which battle was a confederate victory and 2nd bloodiest battle battle of chickamauga
what did the 13 amendment do abolish slavery
who wanted harsh punishment on the southern radical republicans
what did the emancipation proclamation do it freed slaves in confederate
what were the 2 campaigns in GA Savannah and Atlanta
what did the 14 amendment do it gave citizenship to blacks
what did the 15 amendment do? it allow blacks to vote
who was the commander of the prison andersonville henry wirz
what did andersonville do it put confederate soldiers in prison
what is a tenant farmer a farmer who owns farm animals and equipment
why did Sherman attack Atlanta and Savannah to shorten the war and stop civilian support
what did the fugitive slave do to return runaway slaves back part of compromise of 1850
what was different of the election of 1860 won by just a section of the country
who was Alexander stephen vice president of the confederate states
what cause the civil war slavery, states right and sectionalism
what harsh plan did the union put on the south (hurt economics) the anaconda plan
how was slavery decided in the Kansas-Nebraska act voting
what were sharecroppers owned only there labor
who was executed for harsh cruelty henry wirz
what allow California to enter as a free state compromise of 1850
what did the cotton gin do it increase slavery
true/false the south had to recover quickly true
who was Ulysses s grant union commander
who was the president of the Confederate states Jefferson davis
what were the people call who were against slavery abolitionists
whats a blockade to block movement of supply
what was reconstruction Lincolns plan to rebuild the south
what were black codes took away the rights of blacks
who surrender to grant Robert e lee
who became president when Lincoln died Andrew Johnson
whats does S.A.L.M.A stand for Savannah Augusta Louisville milledgeville Atlanta
who never learn english Sequoyah
what was the first newspaper the cherokee phoenix
where was the new Cherokee capital at new echota
where was gold discovered dahlonega
what creek chief gave away the oconee river Alexander mcgillivary
what is the oldest collage uga
who benefited the most in the head rights system white settlers
what invention increased the economy cotton gin
what was the forced removal of Cherokee call trail of tears
which creek chief Indian was executed from its people William McIntosh
who wanted the indians out Andrew Jackson
which chief wife die on the trail of tears john ross
what was the scandal call in which they got bribed yazoo land fraud
what was the court case worcester v Georgia about white missionary who got arrested for helping Cherokee people
what was the original name for Atlanta terminus
who invented the syllabary sequoyah
from who did we buy the Louisiana purchase from france
what was the most used transportation railroads.
whats a land grant university land donated by federal government
who was the most famous who died in a duel gwinnett button
which signer was a minster,doctor Lyman hall
what was the document called for colonies to govern themselves articles of confederation
what was the proclamation of 1763 about Britain was broke after the french and indian war .
what were the people called who wanted freedom from great Britain patriots
what was paul revere famous for boston massacre propaganda
what did the stamp act do place taxes on printed materials
whats the first part of the DOI the preamble
which signer showed up at the 2 continental congress lyman hall
what was the intolerable act to punish the colonies for violence and protesting
whats a military siege military troops surround the enemy and does not let anyone enter
what provided supplies for the GA militia battle of kettle creek
who wanted freedom from great Britain whigs
who remained faithful to great Britain loyalists
what was so special of the battle of kettle creek first victory win for patriots
who wrote the DOI thomas jefferson
who was a trained military officer to fight against king of england George Washington
who was george walton signer of DOI
what was the boston tea party colonist who dressed up as Indians to dump tea being imported
what treaty ended the war treaty of paris
what was the DOI about freedom from great britain
what were the three parts of the charter of 1732 defense,economy and charity
how long did the trustee period last 20
what did the Spanish call the coast of georgia gula
whats a Spanish mission a mission to spread Christianity to the Indians
what is mercantilism
why did the spanish come to the new world for the 3 g and to covert the Indians to Catholics
who was in charge of Georgia James Oglethorpe
who was the interpreter for james and tomochichi mary musgrove
was slavery allow in a trustee period no
who were the trustee men who hold responsibility for the next 21 years for georgia
what was not allow in a trustee period rum,slavery,no lawyers, no land ownership
which town did the salzburgers find new ebenezer
which group was settle in darien highland scots
who escaped religious prosecution german salaburgers
who was the 1st royal Governor john reynolds
who was the 2nd henry ellis
who was the 3rd james wright
who were the Mississippians mound building native Americans lasted until Europeans came contact with natives
who was the first person to come to GA herando de soto
in what control was ga in when royal king george
what are the 3 gs gold god glory
what was de soto looking for gold
why were de soto men able to fight natives they had better weapons
why did many natives died diseases
what was the Colombian exchange exchange from the new world to the old world
what hemisphere is ga located at northern and western
which region is the most populated piedmont
what are the 2 deepwater ports Savannah and brunswick
what is the fall line separates the Piedmont and coastal plain
which is the largest swamp okefenookee swamp
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