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Final Study

What were the causes of the Civil War? Tariffs (taxes), slavery, sectionalism, election of Lincoln.
What was the first state to seceded from the Union? South Carolina
What was the first major battle of the Civil War? First Battle of Bull Run
This battle became known as the bloodiest day of the Civil War? Antietam
As the Civil War began the South planned a(n)... A defensive war
Who was the Union general who waged a total war and led some 62,000 troops on a march to the sea to capture Savannah, Georgia? William T. Sherman
What were the two leading causes of death during the Civil War? Infection and disease
What freed the slaves in ONLY the Confederate states? Emancipation Proclamation
Why did President Lincoln decide to issue the Emancipation Proclamation? He regarded slavery as another strategy to ending the war.
He was the last Union general who won the war for the North. General Ulysses S. Grant
The small group of Democrats remaining in Congress who protested the war were known as ___________? Copperheads
The Emancipation Proclamation was issued in... 1863
This three-day battle changed the tide of the war against the south. Gettysburg
Approximately how many people die in the Civil War? 620,000
Where was the treaty for the end of the Civil War signed? Appomattox Courthouse
This was a military campaign by William Tecumseh Sherman to, "show young and old, alike, the hard hand of war."This campaign is an example of "total war." March to the Sea
Who surrendered to General Grant at the Appomattox Courthouse? Robert E. Lee
What law allowed California to enter the Union as a free state? Compromise of 1850
What amendment freed ALL slaves? 13th amendment
What amendment allowed all adult men including blacks to vote? 15th amendment
Which amendment gave ALL blacks citizenship and equal rights as the rest? 14th amendment
Who was the President of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865? Jefferson Davis
What was the Missouri Compromise of 1820? effort by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to maintain a balance of power between the slave holding states and free states
How did the Georgia Platform help? It helped stop the secession of 1850.
What was the Atlanta Campaign? It cut off the Confederate's supply lines.(May 7, 1863- September 2, 1864)
Which battle in the Civil War was the second bloodiest battle? The Battle of Chickamauga
What is nullification? a state of being nullified.
What is the difference between tenant farming and sharecropping? A tenant farmer brings his tools, animals, and supplies while a sharecropper only brings his labor.
Why was the South angry about the results of the Election of 1860? The south was angry that no one in the south voted for the person who actually won the election and they thought he had cheated.
What was the Dread Scott Case? It established that slaves were property not citizens and that they had no rights.
What does the acronym SALMA stand for? The 5 capitals of Georgia in order (Savannah, August, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta)
Georgia’s first capital. Savannah
Georgia’s fifth and present capital. Atlanta
What does a system of land distribution in Georgia that provided 200 acres of land to the head of a household describe? Headright System
What is a Land lottery? This was a system of land distribution that provided men who were 21 years of age and older the chance to win a plot of land.
This act sold much of the land that would become Alabama and Mississippi to four land companies for $500,000. The Yazoo Land Fraud
What was the invention that increased the amount of cotton and slaves? The cotton gin
What are railroads? Transportation invention of the early 1800s that connected different regions
What was the first chartered land grant university? UGA
What was the permanent capital of the Cherokee? New Echota
Who were the Cherokee? They were a Native American tribe who adopted the European lifestyle and lived in the mountains of North GA.
Which Native American group lost their land due to the Treaty of New York in 1790 and the Treaty of Indian Springs? The creeks
What happened during the trail of tears? Thousands of Native Americans were forced from their homes and marched to Oklahoma. Over 4,000 men, women, children, and babies died on the trip from exposure and disease
The court case ruled that the Cherokee Nation did not have to follow the laws of Georgia. Worcester vs GA
What was the Dahlonega gold rush? In north Georgia gold was found in this city. This caused a major rush of settlers to move to the area, which was Cherokee Indian land.
Which Creek Indian chief who was executed by his own tribe for angering them? William Mclntosh
Who was John Marshall? He was the chief justice of the US Supreme Court. He ruled in favor of sovereignty for the Cherokee Nation and his ruling should have prevented the removal of thousands of Native Americans from Georgia.
Who was the inventor of the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
He was a Cherokee chief of mixed heritage who fought against Indian removal. John Ross
Who was Andrew Jackson? President of the United States who supported Indian removal and refused to enforce the supreme court ruling that would have prevented Indian removal.
What was the third and final part of the Declaration of Independence? Declaration
What was the preamble of the Declaration of Independence? It was the first part of the Declaration of Independence and explains to the reader about the natural rights of all people, states the reasons for the document.
What was the second part of the Declaration of Independence? The grievances which includes the list details why the colonies deemed independence necessary.
What was the document that claimed the 13 colonies' independence from Great Britain? The Declaration of Independence
He signed the Declaration of Independence for Georgia and his signature is very valuable? Button Gwinnett
He also signed the Declaration of Independence for Georgia and had the most political success than the rest. George Walton
Who was Lyman Hall? one of the Georgia signers of the Declaration of Independence and elected Governor in 1783.
What was the name for the American colonists who remained loyal to Great Britain? Loyalists
What was the name of the American colonists who rebelled against Great Britain? Patriots
What was the Constitutional Convention of 1787? a meeting of men representing who represented the states where the U.S. Constitution was written
This was an important battle for the patriots. The battle of kettle creek
What was the siege of savannah? battle that marked the first time American and French troops fought together
War between Great Britain and France, fought over their world empires. The French and Indian War
It was a tax placed on newspapers, legal documents, and licenses. Stamp act
What was the Proclamation of 1763? Order issued by King George III that moved Georgia's southern boundary to the St. Marys River and did not allow the colonist to move west of the Appalachian Mountains
What was the slogan the colonists used for protests? “No taxation without representation”
He founded UGA and was one of the Georgia signers of the US constitution. Abraham Baldwin
He was one of the Georgia signers of the US constitution. William Few
What was the name of a group of middle and upper class citizens that formed to protest the Stamp Act? Sons of Liberty
This was an agreement signed by the 13 original states setting up the first national government for the United States. The Articles of Confederation
What was the plant that produced a bluish-purple dye, was highly desired by British textile producers? Indigo
This was Georgia's first staple crop, became a profitable agricultural commodity along the coast and encouraged the rise in great wealth for producers of the grain? Rice
How did colonist make silk? Colonists planted mulberry trees in an effort to provide sustenance for worms. Never became successful.
Who were the Mississippians? Native Americans living in Georgia at time of European exploration. rose to dominance around 800 CE and organized themselves into a very complex "chiefdom" society.
What was a series of religious outposts established by Spanish Catholics in order to spread Christianity to the Native Americans? Spanish Mission
Who was the first explorer to explore Georgia? Hernando De Soto
Who were the 3 royal governors of Georgia, in order? John Reynolds, Henry Ellis, and James Wright
What was one reason for the colony of Georgia to help relieve poverty and unemployment? Philanthropy
The act of defending something or someone from attack, one reason for the colony of Georgia? Defense
What does economics have to do with the founding of the colony of Georgia? To increase trade and wealth and one reason the colony of Georgia was founded.
What was the Charter of 1732? Created strict guidelines for Georgia colonists and outlined the boundaries for the colony of Georgia.
Who was the founder of Georgia? James Oglethorpe
He was a creek leader who allowed Oglethorpe to settle on Yamacraw Bluff. Tomochichi
She was the translator between James Oglethorpe and Tomochichi. Mary Musgrove
They first arrived in the Georgia colony five months after Oglethorpe landed at Yamacraw Bluff, allowed in the colony because of their doctor. Jews
Who were the Salzburgers? They were group of German Protestants who moved to the Georgia colony and settled in New Ebenezer and opposed slavery.
They were group from Scotland who moved to the Georgia colony and settled in Darien and opposed slavery. Highland Scots
Who were the people in Georgia who were constantly angry? Malcontents
Who were the trustee? They were 21 individuals named by King George II in 1732 to govern the new colony of Georgia
A trade policy based on the idea that a country should sell more to other countries than it buys from them, in order to increase its wealth. mercantilism
What disease from Europe killed many Native Americans? Small pox
What were the three major reasons for exploring the new world in Spain? God, glory, gold
What were the three major European countries competing for the new world? Spain, France, and Great Britain
Who signed the Charter of 1732 that created Georgia? King George ||
Who is known as the father of Georgia? James Oglethorpe
What is one of the busiest airports in the world located in Atlanta? Hartsfield- J Jackson international airport
What road system helped Atlanta become a national business destination if its accessibility? Interstate highway system
Important waterways used for shipping cargo located in Savannah and Brunswick. Deep water ports
What transportation system crucial to Atlanta founding continues to be important too the city’s economy today? Railroads
Vehicles that are transported to the east coast of this country from another would most likely enter the country where? Brunswick Georgia
Created by: Carolina Diaz
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