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Finals Study Guide

What is Intermodal? Several different modes of transport needed before delivery of goods actually take place
What are the four types of transportation in Georgia? Railroads, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, Highways, and Deepwater ports in Savannah and Brunswick
What determines which way a highway will run? Whether the highway is an even or odd number. Even means it'll run east and west, odd means it runs north and south
How many interstate highways does Atlanta have running through it? 4 total highways (I-75, I-85, I-20, and I-285, or the Perimeter runs around it)
How do the transportation systems help Georgia's economy? They increase business and tourism in Georgia
What is a middleman? a trader who buys goods from producers and sells them to other traders and consumers for a higher price
Who was the first European explorer in Georgia and where was he from? Hernando de Soto from Spain
What animals did the Europeans bring over to the new world? Dogs and Horses
In between which events did the Mississippians exist? Between the Woodland period and when the Europeans made contact with the Native Americans in the late 15th century
Who took the Spanish's land from them? Great Britain
Who did King George give authority to colonize Georgia? James Oglethorpe and his 20 trustees
What is the difference between a trustee colony and a royal colony? A trustee colony is ruled by a group of trustees who are there to rule in place of the king, but in a royal colony , it is ruled from a direct representative of the king.
What was James Oglethorpe original intent for colonizing Georgia? To help debtors avoid debtors' prison by giving them another chance to pay their debts by working in the new colony; Charity
Who was the translator for Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi and James Oglethorpe? Mary Musgrove
Which Indian tribe helped out James Oglethorpe and the original colonists when they arrived in Georgia? Yamacraw Tribe
Who was the longest lasting royal governor of Georgia? James Wright
What is the name of the document King George II gave James Oglethorpe? The Charter of 1732
What spurred the Malcontents group to be formed? Their disagreement with the trustee policies and thus they did not have the same loyalty towards the trustees like most colonists
What were the reasons for colonizing Georgia? Philanthropy, Defense, and Economics
How long was the Charter of 1732 supposed to last? How long did it actually last? It was supposed to last for 21 years, but it actually lasted 20 years
What did the Spanish call the coastal region of Georgia? Guale
Who was the New World named after? Amerigo Vespucci
What was mercantilism? The system of exporting more goods than importing to get more profit
What was the reason for Spanish exploration? The 3 G's (God, Gold, and Glory)
What group of settlers came with a free passage to the New World in exchange for servitude for a certain amount of time, usually 4-7 years? Indentured servants
Savannah is the first city in the New World that was planned before it was built. Who’s design was the plan based off on? Robert Castell, James Oglethorpe's friend who died in a debtors' prison
What crop, and invention, mainly led to the increase of the amount of slaves? Cotton, cotton gin
European explorers were looking to reach India's Spice Islands through what? Northwest passage
When did Georgia colonists begin their limited self government system? During Georgia's Royal Colony Period
What group of colonists were hired by James Oglethorpe to protect the colony from other forces? Highland Scots
Fence sitters were... people that didn't choose any side, scared that they would pick the losing side
Name the signers of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton
What was the first constitution of the US? How many votes did it give to each state? The Articles of Confederation, ONE
Which document stated that "All men are created equal"? Which part of the document? Declaration of Independence, Preamble
What were the colonists who supported British forces called? What about those that were opposed of them? Loyalists; Patriots
What are the parts of the Constitution? The Declaration of Independence? Constitution: Preamble, Articles, Amendments DOI: Preamble, Declaration of Natural Rights, Grievances, Resolution, Signatures
What battle ended the Revolutionary War? Battle of Yorktown
What was set up in Georgia in 1775 when the Provincial Congress voted to join other colonies in boycotting trading with the British? Committees of Safety
What did the Stamp Act of 1765? It put a tax on the sale of printed materials
Why were settlers so upset over the ban from going west of the Appalachian Mountains? They were promised land in the Ohio River valley for fighting in the French Indian War
All three signers of the DOI served what same political position? They were all governors of Georgia
Which Declaration of Independence signer from Georgia died in a duel? Button Gwinnett
What happened that ensured the Tories outside of Savannah played no major role in Georgia’s fight for independence? Battle of Kettle Creek
What act was passed because of the actions of the Boston Tea Party and what did it state? The Intolerable Acts: Closing the port of Boston Forbidding people from assembling Having trials be in Britain rather than in the colonies if a British soldier were to do wrong Quartering Act
What did the etching by Paul Revere show that happened in March 1770? The Boston Massacre
Who was the only person to represent Georgia at first? Lyman Hall
This Georgian signer of the Declaration of Independence was most successful out of the three in his political career. George Walton
The Proclamation of 1763 established what as the southern boundary of Georgia ? St. Mary's River
What was the effect of the French and Indian War? Britain went into debt trying to pay for the damage the war had created
What was the meeting in Philadelphia called where they decided to write the Declaration of Independence? Second Continental Congress
Who was John Ross? He was the chief of the Cherokee Tribe during the time of the Trail of Tears. He tried to prevent the Cherokee from being moved. Wife died on the Trail of Tears
How many land companies were involved in the Yazoo Land Fraud and what did they do to get the land? 4 Land Companies, Bribery
Where was the Cherokee nation forced to move to on the Trail of Tears? to Indian Territory, or what is now Oklahoma
What did Congress do to the Yazoo Land Fraud contract afterwards? BURN IT
What is the Louisiana Purchase most known for? It was the largest land grant purchase
What does SALMA stand for in Georgia? They stand for the capitals of Georgia since it was colonized till now, Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta
What is Manifest Destiny? the belief that it was God's will for US boundaries to stretch from east to west all over North America
How much did the Louisiana Purchase cost and who paid for it? $15 million, Thomas Jefferson
Why did the capital of Georgia keep on changing and moving and in what direction? The capitals changed as the majority of Georgia's population also grew and relocated. The capitals headed in a westward direction
What were to two major crops in Georgia? Cotton and Tobacco
What was Atlanta's original name(s)? First Terminus, and then Marthasville in 1843 (Atlanta is feminine for Atlantic)
What was the impact on Georgia as a result of the Yazoo Land Fraud? Georgia lost a lot of land and it became what it looks like now, the Chattahoochee River as its western boundary and the Savannah River as its eastern boundary.
Why were railroads created? faster transport
What started the Trail of Tears? Yazoo Land Fraud
How did farmers move their products? By boats, ferries, wagons, trains, etc
What are turnpikes? a spiked barrier to serve as a post or a defense mechanism
What was the Panic of 1837? a state of depression for the US that lasted into the early 1840's. Many businesses failed and many lost land
Expansion westward due in part to the success of what? cotton
What were two inventions that helped Georgia's economy grow? The cotton gin and the mechanical reaper
Who created the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
Define Sectionalism the belief that the ideas of people in a certain area are better than the ideas of people in other areas
What was the Antebellum period? What was the Reconstruction period? The Antebellum period was the period before the Civil War> Reconstruction was the period after the war in which the South had to rebuild itself up again.
Which parts of the United Sates were free states? Which were slave states? The Northern side of the US was free, while the Southern part were slave states
Did the Emancipation Proclamation free slaves all over the Unites States? It did not. It only freed slaves in the southern slave states and it wasn't until the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was passed that slaves were freed
What did Harriet Beecher Stowe do to affect the abolitionist movement? She wrote a book called "Uncle Tom's Cabin" that showed what the life of a slave was like and brought the attention of the North to the situation and showed them what slaves had to endure.
Explain what the Missouri Compromise did to benefit the North? The Missouri Compromise let Maine become a free state and slavery was forbidden in the Louisiana Territory
What was the importance of the 15th Amendment? It gave all men the right to vote, making both colored and white men finally equal.
Who was John Brown? John Brown was an abolitionist who led a raid in Virginia to provide supplies to slaves, but was unsuccessful.
How did the Compromise of 1850 effect the North? What about the South? North: California entered as a free state, slave trade ended in District of Columbia, New Mexico became free South: Fugitive Slave Act
What was the result of the Dred Scott case? African Americans were stated as not to be, and never to be, real citizens of the United States
What were the two campaigns in Georgia and what were the reasons for planning them? Atlanta Campaign and Savannah Campaign(Sherman's March to the Sea). The Union wanted to end civilian support and shorten the war
Who ran the Andersonville prison camp? What happened to him after Andersonville was disbanded? how many soldiers died under his care? - Captain Henry Wirz - he was executed - about 13000 died
Who became the president of the Confederate States of America? Who was the vice president? President: Jefferson Davis Vice: Alexander Stephens
What battle started the Civil War? Battle of Fort Sumter
What was unique about the election of 1860? It was the first time that a candidate won without a single vote from a certain part of the Country
What was the most significant battle in the Civil War to Georgia? Battle of Chickamauga because it was the second bloodiest in the Civil War and it happened in Georgia
What was the most significant part of the Civil War that helped the North win? How did it help? - Anaconda Plan/ Union Blockade - It blocked off southern ports so the South wasn't able to get help from outside forces, which cut off its supply lines and weakened the South
What did the South need more of, or were lacking, in comparison to the North? Enough men, supplies, training, gold, funds, land, population, industrial production
What was the goal of the South? how about North? South: Fight the north (Defense) North: Wanted the country to become UNITED again (offense)
Where did the South end fighting and surrender? Where did they officially surrender? Who was involved? - Richmond, Virginia - Appomattox Courthouse - Ulyssess S. Grant (Union) and Robert E. Lee (Confederate)
Which plan for reconstruction was the best? What did it do? Lincoln's 10 percent plan which stated that if a southern state wanted to join the Union again, 10 percent of its voters had to sign an oath of allegiance to the Union.
What was the case with Henry McNeal Turner? He was kicked out of the Georgia General Assembly because the government stated that African Americans were given the right to vote but not the right to hold office
What group of people wanted to punish ex-Confederates? Radical Republicans
What was flawed about Johnson's plan for reconstruction? it was too lenient towards ex-confederates and were to giving towards them.
In the Kansas-Nebraska Act, what was used to decide the slavery issue? Voting/ Popular sovereignty
What group had a goal to help newly freed slaves and freed men? Freedmen's Bureau
What led Georgia to consider seceding from the Union? Lincoln's election
Which group of people wanted to preserve the Southern way of life and was a racist group that solved their issues through violence and intimidation? Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
What is States' rights? When the interests and ideas of the state is more important than the national government's
What were some causes of the Civil War? States' Rights, Sectionalism, Slavery
Created by: hanh_le
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