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Name the 2 sides that fought in the Civil War Confederate and Union
How did Andersonville play a role in the Civil War? It held the Union’s largest prison
What cause the deaths of so many people in Andersonville (prison)? Overcrowding, starvation, disease, and poor sanitation
Who was in charge of the Andersonville prison? Henry Wirz
What happened to Henry Wirz when the prison was liberated? He was hung for cruelty
Name the 2 campaigns Atlanta and Savannah
Who’s plan for reconstruction was lenient? Johnson’s
Who’s plan for reconstruction was strict? Lincoln’s
What did William T. Sherman lead? The March to Sea
Which side won the Battle of Chickamauga? Confederate
What abolished slavery in the Confederate states? Emancipation Proclamation
What abolished slavery in the Union and Confederate states (the U.S.) 13th Amendment
What battle was the second bloodiest? Battle of Chickamauga
Who won the Election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln
Name the 3 underlying causes of the Civil War States’ rights, sectionalism, & slavery
Who was the president & leader of the Union? Abraham Lincoln
How did the Anaconda Plan affect the Confederate Negatively because they couldn’t trade with other countries and other countries couldn’t involve themselves (to help the south)
What did the 13th Amendment do? Abolished slavery in the North and South
What did the 14th Amendment do? Gave all adult males (including blacks) full citizenship rights
What did the 15th Amendment do? Gave all men the right to vote
Why were black legislators expelled from the Georgia house & senate after their elections in 1868? They were allowed to vote but not hold office
Why did the south HAVE to keep their ports open during the Civil War? To get supplies and arms needed for war, they would trade with Great Britain & France
Why did the Election of 1860 upset the people of Georgia? Nobody from the south voted for Lincoln, but he won the election
What makes the Battle of Chickamauga significant? It was fought in Georgia & it was the 2nd bloodiest battle in Civil War history
Explain the Anaconda Plan The Union blocked the Confederate’s ships and ports to prevent trading
In the war, the Confederate had a larger population, was this an advantage? NO
What allowed all men the right to vote? 15th Amendment
What allowed black men to become citizens? 14th Amendment
Who was Alexander Stephens? He was a U.S. senator from Georgia that later on became the vice president of the Confederate States of America
Who was the president of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis
What we’re some long term causes of the American Revolution? The French & Indian War
What country was Great Britain going against for world power? France
Name 2 important ways the Treaty of Paris impacted Georgia It removed the Spanish threat to Georgia from Florida & changed Georgia’s western border from the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi River
Where did King George III want to build colonial settlements? East of the Appalachians
What did King George III prohibit the colonist from doing moving beyond the Appalachians (west)
What did the Sugar Act do? It placed a tax on sugar and molasses imported from the West Indies
What did the Stamp Act do? It placed a tax on newspapers, legal documents, & licenses
Why did the Parliament pass the Stamp Act? The Stamp Act was passed in an attempt to raise money for the French & Indian War
What was the angry colonists’ motto about taxes? “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”
In 1660, a mob of angry colonists in Boston threatened to attack a small group of British soldiers. The soldiers fired into the mod and killed 5 colonists. What is the name of this event? Boston Massacre
On December 1773, several colonists protested a British tex on tea by dumping thousands of dollars worth of tea into the Boston Harbor. What was the name of this event? Boston Tea Party
Out of all 13 colonies, which one was the most loyal to Great Britain? Georgia
What are Tories? Those who were loyal to the King of England
What are patriots? Those who were ready to cut ties with Great Britain
What are fence sitters? Those who did not choose a side because they were afraid of choosing the wrong side
Why were the Intolerable Acts created? To punish the colonists of Massachusetts for the actions of patriots
In what year did the colonies gain independence from Great Britain? 1776
In what year did the French & Indian War start? 1754
Name the 3 signers of the constitution that represented Georgia Lyman Hall, George Walton, & Button Gwinnett
When and where did the first shot that started the Revolutionary War take place? Lexington, Massachusetts on April 18, 1775
What are the 4 interstate highways in Georgia? I-20, I-75, I-85 & I-285
What are the 4 vital transportations in Georgia? Interstate highways, airports, railroads & deep water ports
What transportation system is capable of transporting large amounts of cargo at once? Railroads
Where are the 2 deep water ports in Georgia located? Savannah & Brunswick
What is the name of the major airport in Atlanta? Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
Who was the first European to explore Georgia? Hernando De Soto
What did the Spanish call the coastal region of Georgia? Guale
What animal did De Soto bring with him to Georgia to attacks dan harass the Native Americans? Dogs
Who was the New World named after? Amerigo Vespucci
How many trips did Columbus make to the New World? 4
Why did England want to create settlements in the New World? They wanted to strengthen their economy through mercantilism
Who was Georgia’s first royal governor? John Reynolds
Under control of what governor did the colony prosper the most and have a dramatic increase in land ownership and population? James Wright
What city was the first to be established by Great Britain in Georgia? Savannah
Why did the trustees forbid blacks people to live in Georgia according to its 1732 charter? They wanted to prevent slavery in the colony
Why did Spain want to establish permanent settlements in the New World? God, Glory & Gold (3 G’s)
How did the trustees of Georgia work around the rules set for them by the king? They passed regulations instead of laws
Which Native American group lived in the area where Oglethorpe led his Georgia colonists? Yamacraw
One year short of the goal, how long was Georgia a charter colony? 20 years
What are malcontents? English colonist that paid their way into the New World
Who was the translator important in negotiations in finding the Georgia colony? Mary Musgrove
Who was the chief of the Yamacraw? Tomochichi
When the Georgia colony was established, which religious group was not allowed to settle on it? Catholics
Front he 1500’s to the 1600’s, where did Spain establish their Catholic Missions? Along the Coast and on the barrier islands of Georgia
What was James Oglethorpe’s intention for the Georgia colony? To help the poor and “criminals” of England get a new start
Which famous ship transported Oglethorpe and Georgia’s first was colonists from England to the New World? The Ann
Ebenezer and New Ebenezer were established by who? German Salzburgers
The 1732 charter gave the authority to manage the new Georgia colony to who? 21 Trustees
What was De Soto searching for in Georgia? Gold
What is mercantilism? A trade policy whereby a nation imports less than it exports
Explain the Headright System Every white male is counted as a head of the family and will receive up to 1,000 acres of land
What was the Yazoo Land Fraud? When Georgia legislators were bribed by land companies to sell them land for a cheap price so that they could resell it for more money.
What was the Louisiana Purchase? President Thomas Hefferson purchased a $15 million piece of land that doubled the size of the country
What is a land lottery? A method of land distribution by buying tickets and drawing by luck
What was Atlanta’s original name? Terminus
Why did Georgia’s capitals move west? The population kept moving west
What is S.A.L.M.A? An acronym that can be used to remember Georgia’s 5 capitals: Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, & Atlanta
The documents from the Yazoo Land Fraud were burnt in what Georgia capital? Louisville
What was the War of 1812? The war between the U.S. and Great Britain that occurred because of Great Britain’s restrictions on trading (lasted for 2 1/2 years)
Who invented the cotton gin and for what reason? Eli Whitney created the cotton gin to make the process of separating the seed from the fibers faster
What was the Indian Removal Act? An act that was passed to remove all Cherokees from Georgia
What happened to Chief William McIntosh after he signed the Treaty of Indian Springs? He was stabbed and scalped by his own people
What was Sequoyah’s main contribution to the Cherokee? Syllabary
What was the decision of the Supreme Court in the Worcester v. Georgia case? The Supreme Court ruled that state laws did not apply to the Cherokee Nation in Georgia and the missionaries should be freed
Who was the Chief Justice in the Worcester v. Georgia case? John Marshall
What is UGA? The first land grant university that allowed student with a low income to attend
Who was the first president of UGA? Abraham Baldwin
Name 2 if the largest Christian denominations in Georgia Baptist and Methodist
What was the Trail of Tears? Cherokee removal: Thousands of Cherokees we’re forced to leave their homes (more than 4,000 died)
What was the Treaty of Indian Springs? A treaty that was signed by Chief William McIntosh to cede the remaining Creek land to the government
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