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study stack project

1.What was the effect of the sherman march economy? It dwindle the economy as well as having to reconstruct all over again
2.what were the reasons of the civil war? the reason of the civil war was to the north preserve the union and to free enslave people and in the south is to keep slavery
3.what effect did the south have in the anaconda plan? it was affected because the union will blockade the southern ports so they can not pass goods from other places
4.what was the reason of the Emancipation Proclamation? a pay off to get 7 states back into the union and keep britain and france and britain out of the war
5.what was the name of the battle that was the bloodest war in history? the battle of chickamuga
6.why did the southern states leave the union? they left the union because they thought that lincoln will stop slavery in the south
7.what was the role of the us army in the civil war? it was to blockade the southern ports
8.What is it called when the residents of a territory had the right to vote to decide whether to have slavery or not? popular sovereignty
9.what was linclon main goal of the beginning the civil war? to preserve the Union
10.what act created two new territories and allowed states to decide if slavery was allow or not? the Kansas and Nebraska act
11.what major campaign was fought in Georgia? Atlanta and the march to the sea
12.what was the compromise called when California entered the union as a free state? compromise of 1850
13.what was the 13th amendment about? it was about to abolish slavery though out the south and north
14. what was the reason for the freedom bureau during the reconstruction? so they can have a better education and social service for newly freed slaves
15.what is sharecropping? sharecropping owned nothing but there labor
16.what made freeing the slave a new force for the civil war? The Emancipation Proclamation
17.what did the southern states do when they seceded from the union? they formed the confederate states of america
18.define what is states rights? states rights are the rights and power held by individual us states rather than by the federal goverment
19. what is nullification? nullification is a act or instance
20.what was the reason for the compromise of 1850? the reason for the compromise of 1850 is that so if the north and the south could decide if they have the right to see if they want to let slaves go or not
21. Georgia’s position on slavery in new territories during the mid-1800s was clearly stated in the.... georgia platform
22.what is the dred scott case? the dred scott case is when a guy name dred scott went to congress and told them that if they can free all slaves
23.who was the stockade commander in charge of andersonville? Henery A. wirz
24.what was linclons plan for reconstruct? his plan wanted to reunite the nation as quickly and as painlessly as possible.
25.what was johnson plan for reconstuct? johnson plan was to required a presidential pardon for wealthy Southerners and former Confederate officials.
26.what did the kkk do? they wanted Southern way of life even it meant violence and intimidation
27.what did the African Americans legislature can do and not? they had the right to constitutional right to vote but not the right to hold in office
28.what is sectionalism? sectionalism is the belief by the people in a given region or area that their ideas and intrest are better and more important than those of other region or are
29.what are yomen farmers? they are an independent farmer who often lived season to season
30.who wrote the charter to establish the university of Georgia? abraham baldwin
31.what is a land grant university? it is when the federal goverment gave federally controlled land to develope
32. who invented the cotton gin? eli whitney did john ross use the syllabary? He created a constitution for the Cherokees
34. what was the trail of tears? is when they signed a treaty that gave up all there land in the south east and had to move west of oklahoma and had no water nether food.
35. where was the location where people came to get gold? Dahlonega GA
36.who was john ross? he was a principle chief of the cherokee nation
37.what mechanical invention brought several major changes to Georgia agriculture? the cotton gin
38.What happened to Georgia as a result of the Yazoo Land Fraud? Georgia's western border was moved to the Chattahoochee River with the government's promise to make treaties for the rest of Indian land.
39. order the proper order of the capital cities in Georgia? Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and atlanta
40.Why was McIntosh murdered by his own people? Because He Signed a treaty with the Federal Government
41.Who was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who ruled that Cherokee land wasn't subject to state law? john marshell
42.Why were the Land Lotteries and Headright system used? to give people land that the native americans owned before
43. what did the mechanical reaper do? it takes good from a farm
44. why did the cotton gin benefited the economy? it benefited because it was slow that the slaves picked up but when the cotton gin was invented it made it faster
45. who was Andrew Jackson? he was an american soldier and was the president
46. what was railroads use for? It was used to transport goods faster
47.who were the red sticks? they were native americans in the early 1800s who wanted war with the white settler
48. who were the white sticks? they were native american that did not wanted war between the white settlers
49. who was the first european explorer to meet the cherokee? hernando de soto
50. why did sequoyah wrote the syllabary? he created it so the white settlers can understand what they are trying to say
51. What was the last battle of the civil war? yorktown
52. who were the people that signed the declaration of independence? lyman hall, button gwinnett, george walton,
53. what was the stamp act? is an act on paper and documents
54. what is the preamble? the preamble is the introductory part of a statute or deed, stating its purpose, aims, and justification.
55. what ended British control over Savannah? the siege of Savannah
56.who was a British leader and lead to fight against the king of England? George Washington
57. what was the article called when when colonies used to govern themselves? articles of confederation
58. what was the reason for the proclamation of 1763? it was bc britain had no supplies so they could not be in war
59. who wanted freedom from great britian? the patriots
60. who died in a duel with a McIntosh? button gwinnett
61. who was the first georgian to be in the second continital congress? lyman hall
62. what did the proclamation of 1763 establish i the southern boarder? St.mary s river
63. what is a military siege? it is when military troops surrenders the enemy and lets nothing happen
64. what help the millitary get more supplies? the battle of kettle creek
65. why were the people so mad that they cant go over the Appalachian mountains? because they were promised that they are going to have land from the ohio valley
66. who were the people that did not support independence and remain faithful to britain? tories
67. what were the three acts that led to the civil war? stamp act, The Intolerable Act, and The Quartering Ac
68. what do we call the break up letter? the declaration of independence
69. why did the french and indian war happen ? it happen because britain and france were fighting over the land they were waiting for
70. George Washington was the leader of what during the french and indian war? british
71. what were the main resourse that they use? rice, indigo, silk, tobacco, wine
72. what was the name of the battle when the spanish and english colonies fought? bloody marsh
73. who were the highlands scotts? they were a group of colonists that were recruited by oglethorpe
74. what is mercantilism? belief in the benefits of profitable trading
75. what is a catholic mission? a religious settlement of out-posting and priests
76. what was a chater colony in the colonial period? the trustees took over the government
77. Who were the major colonizers of the New World? Spanish, British, and French
78. How did Great Britian benefit from mercantilism? Able to import fewer goods from other countries;export more
79. Why did James Oglethorpe suggest forming a colony for the poor? it was because Oglethorpe had a friend who died in a debtors' prison.
80. what is philanthropy? it is when u help out with people and houses
81. What was the importance of the presence of the Highland Scots? They fought with the Yamacraw to defeat the Spanish
82. what was the city that they establish in Georgia? Savannah
83. Who were the malcontents of the early Georgia colony? People who were unhappy and constantly complaining
84. where did Oglethorpe landed in Georgia? yamacraw bluff on Savannah
85. who was the first govenor? john Reynolds
86. what was the name of the spanish islands? guale
87. why did the trustees did not allow black people to come in georgia because they wanted to keep slavery out of the colony
88. why did spain established settlements? because of the four Gs
89. what wasthe famouse ship called that oglethope went to settle in? the ann
90. in the charter of 1732 they say that what? slavery is not allow
91. what did soto use as animals i the war? dogs
92. what was the name of the explorer that was named after? Amerigo Vespucci
93. which contry was the first to travel to north america? spain
94. who was the first person to step in foot in georgia? hernando de soto
95.who was the first European to set foot on the North American continent? Leif Ericson
96. what is the most busiest air port in georgia? hardfield jackson international airport
97. why is there highways? so they can make it easier to travel and go to places
98. what highway dose not go to atlanta georia? i-95
99. what are thetwo deepwater ports? savannah and bruckwicks
100. what are railroads for? railroads are for they can transport good all over the place
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