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Final exam

100 index cards for review

What did the Spanish call the coastal plain ? Guale
What was someone who owned animals and tools but worked on someone elses land , called? Tenant Farmer
What was unique about the 1860 election? It was the first time the president was chosen with votes only from the North!
Why is the battle of Chickamauga so important to people in Georgia ? It was the first battle Georgia was able to win
Who was Georgia's first royal governor John Reynolds
What was the first planned in America? Savannah,Georgia
What was the name of the document that didn't allow settling beyond the Appalachian mountains? The proclamation of 1763
Who were the patriots ? The patriots were the people trying to break
Who was Henry Ellis? The second royal governor of georgia
what were the original names of Atlanta ? Terminus and marthasville
What was the siege of Savannah ? An attempt at ending British control over Savannah
What was the st. Mary's river ? The southern border of Georgia as the proclamation of 1763 stated
What is the only interstate highway that does not pass through Atlanta ? I-95
Why were the highland Scots recruited by James Oglethorpe? They were fierce warriors who helped defend the colony
What were the 3 main reasons for the permanent settlements by Spain ? Gold,Glory, and God
Who were the whigs ? The colonists that wanted freedom from Great Britain , also known as patriots
Who was the captain of the andersonville prison? Henry wirz
The charter of 1732 stated that James Oglethorpe and 21 trustees , could stay in Georgia for how many years? 21 years , but they actually stayed for 20 years
Who was the yamacraw chief that made friends with James Oglethorpe ? Tomochichi
What was James Oglethorpe's main reason to make the Georgia Colony? He wanted to give the " wealthy poor" a brand new start as the reason they were in jail weren't as bad and pretty small things
What happened to the captain of Andersonville after the jail shut down He was executed fro allowing extreme punishments to take place
Who was the main author of the declaration of independence ? Thomas Jefferson
What is sequoyah best known for ? He is best known for making a syllabary so his people could write and understand what is written
Was slavery allowed in the colonies ? NO ! it was forbidden !!
What was the most devastating thing to occur to the south's economy during the civil war? The anaconda plan and union blockade
How did the anaconda plan work ? The anaconda plan was to put a blockade from virginia , around the east coast , then to Texas. This would make it extremely hard for the south to let supplies go in or out
What was the second bloodiest war in the civil war? The battle of chickamauga
Which side regrouped in chattanooga , Tennessee? The union
Who came to the aid of northern troops ? Ulysses S.Grant
How did Georgia help stop secession in 1850? The georgia platform
Who was the general that gave the order to fire fort sumter? P.G.T Beauregard
When it came to resources , which side had the advantage? Union
Which general won the battle of kennesaw mountain ? William T. Sherman
The south's plan to get help from Great Britian and France was known as what ? King cotton diplomacy
What was the name given to the northerners who opposed the civil war and were blamed for helping stir up the new york draft riots? Copperheads
What is chickamauga also known as? " river of death "
What is a blockade? To obstruct or prevent access to something
What is the name of the busiest airport in Georgia ? Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
What are the two main deep water US ports located in Georgia ? Brunswick and Savannah
What is intermodel ? The use of different modes of transportation
What 3 interstate highways pass through Atlanta ? I-75 , I-85 , and I-20
What are the 3 vital systems of Georgia's economy ? The interstate highway systems , Hartsfield airport , and the deep water ports
Who named the new world ? Amerigo Vespucci
Who actually discovered the new world in the 1001 Leif Ericsson
Who was the first to live up to spanish dreams of tremendous wealth? Hernando De soto
What is a colony ? a group of people who settle in a new land but who keep ties to their homeland
What is mercantilism When you export more than you import
What is a person who agrees to work for someone for a set period of time in return for a passage to the new world ? An indentured servant
What were 2 main reasons for new colonies ? (1) a balanced trading policy to make Great Britian self sufficient (2) defensive buffers to protect british colonies from the French , Spanish , and native Americans
What were the 3 items that could grow in Georgia that Great Britian was importing from France , Russia and Spain. Silk , Cotton dyes , and wine
What is a trustee ? People who hold responsibility on behalf of others
What is a charter ? A legal document that grants special rights and privilages
What did the charter of 1732 ban from GA? Catholics , blacks , liquor dealers ,and lawyers
What 3 things did colonist have to agree to ? (1) each man was to defend the new colony against all enemied (2) land given to colonists could not be sold and no money could be borrowed on it , it could be passed on to a male heir (3) each colonists was to receive seeds and had to use them in the land
What ship took the colonists to Georgia ? The Ann
Where did the Ann land in the New World ? Charleston , South Carolina
Who was the interpreter for James oglethorpe and tomochichi ? Mary Musgrove
Georgia was the ** th colony 13th
The mississipians were also called what ? The temple mound people
What is a midden A garbage pile
Who was lyman hall? One of the signers of the declaration of independence who was from Georgia
The intolerable acts were passed because ... To punish the colonists for things such as the boston tea party
What was the stamp act ? A document that imposed tax on paper
What was the declaration of independence ? A document issued by the 2nd continental congress by which delegates stated their intention to be free of British rule
What were the articles of confederation ? First constitution of the US
Who were the liberty boys ? An organization to oppose acts such as the stamp act
What was the meeting called were they decided to write the declaration of independence 2nd continental congress
What were some acts that lead to the revolutionary war ? Stamp ,sugar and intolerable acts
What happened to Britian because of the revolutionary war ? It became greatly in debt
With the articles of confederation how many votes was each state given ? One
What was the first capital of Georgia? Savannah
What was a major tribe in GA other than the cherokee ? The creek
What was the 2nd capital of Georgia ? Augusta
What was the 3rd capital of Georgia ? Louisville
What was the cherokee Phoenix The first native american newspaper
How did Georgians receive land previously owned by indians Land lotteries
What was the 4th capital of Georgia? Midgeville
What is the current capital of Georgia? Atlanta
Why did sequoyah make his syllabary To show the white men the natives could be civilized
To which state were the natives taken to after the dahlonega gold rush Oklahoma
As the natives made their way to oklahoma , what was their journey named? Trail of tears
From which country did the US buy the Louisiana territory from? France
What was the western boundary of the Louisiana territory ? The rocky mountains
What was the eastern boundary of the Louisiana territory ? The Mississippi river
Wherr was the permanenet cherokee capital ? New echota , Georgia
What is a catholic mission A permanent settlement with outpost and priests
Hernando de soto was an explorer from what country ? Spain
What were malcontents leaning towards ? Slavery
What was hernando de soto looking for in GA ? Gold
True or false The colonists had to plant mulberry trees to help Britains silk industry True
What were portions of food ate by military troops called Daily rations
Where did general lee surrender to general grant Appomattox court house , virginia
What georgia leader became vice president of the confederate States? Alexander stephens
Which group would have least supported a radical republican The kkk
What is the 14th amendment Anyone born or raised in the US is a citizen
What is the 13th amendment this amendment abolished slavery
What is the 15th amendment Any male , white or black , has the right to vote
What was the emancipation proclamation A document that stated that if the confederacy didnt surrender all slaves would be free in the south and if they did , they would be admitted to the union again
What was the fugitive slave act The fugitive slave act was a document that stated if you say a runaway slave you had to return them or you could go to jail
How did the invention of the cotton gin affect slavery It increased slavery as it made cotton production easier
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