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Final Exam Review

What are to 2 major deep water ports located? Savannah and Brunswick
What is Intermodel? Different transportation combined
How do railroads help the people and economy of Georgia? Provided jobs for them and helped take cargo to other locations
What is the busiest airport in the world? Harts-Field Jackson Airport
How many interstates highways are in Georgia? (name them) 4: I-285, I-75, I-85, I-20
What is mercantilism? Trade policy where a country exports more than it imports
What affect did the arrival of Hernando de Soto had on the American Indians? Many of them died because of the diseases that the Spanish had spreaded
What were the reasons that the Spanish explored the New World? God, Gold, Glory (3 G's)
Who discovered Florida? Juan Ponce de Leon
Was Hernando de Soto's expedition a success or a failure? Failure
What are the reasons for colonizing Georgia? Economics, Defense, and Charity
Who proposed that a colony should be founded to help the people who got out of jail? James Edward Oglethorpe
What was name of the document that granted the colonization of Georgia by 21 trustees? Charter of 1732
What are Trustees? People who hold responsibility on behalf of others
What is a charter? A legal document that grants special rights and privileges
Who were not allowed to become colonist of Georgia because of the Charter of 1732? Catholics, blacks, liquor dealers, and lawyers
What are regulations? Government orders
What was the name of the ship the people traveled on? The Ann
Oglethorpe had to make friends with what tribe when the arrived at Georgia? Yamacraw Indians
Who was the chief of the Yamacraw Indians? Tomochichi
Who was the translator for Tomochichi and James Oglethorpe that helped them establish a close relationship ? Mary Musgrove
Tomochichi allowed the passengers of The Ann to land where which was overlooking the Savannah River? Yamacraw Bluff
This settlement was the British's ____ colony. 13th
To what other river did the colony of Georgia stretched southward to? St. Marys River
To whom did The Charter of 1732 give authority to mange Georgia? 21 Trustees
What was the name of the battle between the English and Spanish colonist at St. SImons Island? Battle of Bloody Marsh
Ebenenzer and New Ebenezer were early Georgia town established by who? German Salzburgers
What did the Spanish call the coastal region of Georgia? Guale
Who were the 3 Royal Governors? John Reynolds, James Wright, Henry Ellis
Who were the Highland Scotts? Recruited by Oglethorpe, fierce warriors that were to help him defend Georgia, established the settlement of Darien
What was the goal of the South during the Civil War? To fight until the North got tired to leave them alone
What was the goal of the North during the Civil War? Fight until the South had joined back into the Union, and to protect the North at all cost
After 2 days of canon fire the North surrendered to the South, only 1 fatality happened where? Fort Sumter
He was the president of the Confederate States, who is he? Jefferson Davis
Who is Alexander Stephens? Vice president of the Confederacy and helped write the Georgia Platform
Who was the president of the Union? Abraham Lincoln
Why did Lincoln go through so many generals? The generals counldn't do we he ordered them to do
The North had no problem on finding a general to command their troops True or False
Was Robert E. Lee part of the Union or the Confederacy? Confederacy
What battle resulted in a Confederacy win but they lost more troops than the Union? Bull Run/ Manassas1
A Union strategy that squeezed the Confederacy, so that nothing would go in or out what was the called? Anaconda Plan
The most devastating thing that happened to the South what was it? Union Blockade
What were the name of the ships used in the Union Blockade? Ironclads
This battle took only for one day, south had held their ground, the north lost the battle and many troops Bull Run/ Manassas2
This battle is known for the 'Bloodiest Single Day of the War", what is is called? Antietam/ Sharpsburg
What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Freed all the slaves in the Confederate states
Blacks started to join which side during the Civil War? Union
What is the Homestead Act? Offered 160 given to the head of a family and had to farm it for 5 years
This Union victory had resulted in the splitting of the south by Union general Ulysses S. Grant, what battle was this? Battle of Vicksburg
This Union general looked at thing like it as necessary to win, so the amount of people that died he would sacrifice it to win Ulysses S. Grant
South's attempt to invade the North, but resulted in a North victory, last time the South would ever invade North again; Pickett's Charge Battle of Gettysburg
This was the largest battle fought in Georgia and was the second bloodiest battle, what is it? Battle of Chickamauga
Confederate surrounded the Union, but reinforcement came and the Union were able to push the Confederate back, what event is this? Siege of Chattanooga
What was Sherman's Atlanta Campaign? Sherman and his troops marched to Atlanta to end civilian support and to shorten the war
What was the Election of 1864? A election between Abraham Lincoln and George McClellan for president, Lincoln won
Who were the Copperheads? Northerns who wanted the Civil War to be done with and make peace with the South
He convinced that there was no way the North can defeat the South, who is he? George McClellan
What was Sherman's March to the Sea? His march to the port of Savannah and his plan was the bring total war and burn everything
Where did Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses S. Grant, which ended the war Surrender at Appomattox
What was the prison for captured Union soldiers and the captain was executed for excessive cruelty? Andersonville
Who was Lyman Hall? One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence
Who was George Walton? One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence
Who was Button Gwinnett? One of the signers of the Declaration of Independence
What was the document that stated "All men are created equal"? Declaration of Independence
What was the Proclamation of 1763? It declared that no-one move west of the App. Mts
A war between Great Britain and France, the native helped the french win the war, what was this? French and Indian War
What did the Stamp Act do? Placed a tax on official documents like cards and newspapers
What were Loyalists? People who remained loyal to their king or ruler
Who were Patriots? Colonist of the 13 colonies that wanted independence from the British
What was the battle between patriots and loyalist, and was the first patriot victory? Battle of Kettle Creek
Act where it placed a tax on coffee and indigo, what act was this? Sugar Act
What was the Townsend Act? Placed a tax on glass, paper, silk, lead, and tea
What part of the DOI is this, ideas of national rights or right that belong to people at birth? Preamble
What part of the DOI is this, colonies declare their independence from Great Britain? Declaration
What part of the DOI is this, wrongs committed by the king of Great Britain? Grievances
Sons of Liberty boarded a ship as Indians and dumped boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor. Boston Tea Party
What was the result the of the Boston Tea Party? Intolerable Acts
What is a effigy? Dummies of a official
Citizen were throwing snowballs and rocks which lead to British troops to open fire, what event was this? Boston Massacre
Who was the leader of the Sons of Liberty? Paul Revere
What was the 3rd city in Georgia? Louisville
What was the 4th city in Georgia? Milledgeville
What was the 2nd city in Georgia? Augusta
What was the 5th city in Georgia? Atlanta
What was the 1st city in Georgia? Savannah
What was the Cotton Gin used for? To make taking out the seeds out of cotton easier
Land companies bribed the governor to pass a bill allowing them to buy the land for a cheaper price Yazoo Land Fraud
What was the Headright System? system of distributing land by which each white male as the “head” of a family had the "right" to get land
What were the Land Lotteries? Someone would try their chances on getting land
How did the railroads help Georgia? They provided jobs for unemployed people
Who were the Cherokee? Most of them were in Georgia they made a living by fishing and farming, they are the most advanced
The removal of the creek nation which they were taken to their new home was called what? Trail of Tears
A creek chief that was executed fro signing the Treaty of Indian Springs, who is he? William McIntosh
This nation was removed from their land because of the discovery of gold Creeks
What caused the creeks to move from their home because gold was discovered? Dahlonega Gold Rush
A court case held in the U.S. Supreme Court, which Worcester tried to stop the Indians from getting removed Worcester v. Georgia Case
Why did the cities of Georgia always move west? Because of the population moving westward
Where did the Trail of Tears end where the Creek stayed? Oklahoma
Who signed the Indian Removal Act? Andrew Jackson
What was the Indian Removal Act? The forced relocation of the creeks for their land
Created by: Galvez_Jason
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