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Final exam review

Final review

What are the 2 seaports in GA Brunswick and Savannah
What is the busiest airport in GA Hartsfield Jackson airport
How many interstate highways are in GA 4
What is intermodel Intermodel is the depending on the amount of cargo and how far, how fast it's needed will determine the mode of transportation
Roughly how many miles of railroad is in GA 5000 miles
What's mercantilism When a country should export more than it imports
Who is Hernando De Soto Hernando De Soto was the first European to explore georgia
What is a middleman A trader who buys goods from producers and sells them to other traders and consumers
What were Columbus's ships called Piñata, niña, and Santa Maria
When did England start colonies in the Americas In the 1600s
What was the 2nd bloodiest battle during the civil war The battle of Chickamauga
Describe the GA platform A statement supporting the free state of Californians long as the fugitive slave act was enforced in the north
During which phase of reconstruction was the 14th amendment created Presidential reconstruction
What was Andersonville A confederate prison camp holding Union soldiers prisoner
Which amendment abolished slavery in the Union and the Confederacy 13th
What are the 3 underlying causes of the Civil War States' rights, sectionalism, and slavery
What hurt the South's economy badly The Union blockade/ Anaconda plan
Describe the Anaconda plan The union ships blocked all southern ports making it impossible to trade
What is a tenant farmer a farmer who owns their supplies and equipment but works off someone else's land
What were the 2 major campaigns that occured in GA Atlanta campaign and Savannah campaign
Define nullification make of no use or value: cancel out
Why were black legislatures expelled from the GA house and senate they had the right to vote not hold office
What are Copperheads people who wanted the Civil War to be done with and peace with the Confederacy
Who won the election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln
Why were the results of the election of 1860 so shocking No one from the South voted for Abraham Lincoln
What was the Emancipation Proclamation A statement made by Lincoln that freed all slaves in the South
Who was in charge at Andersonvile Captain Henry Wirz
What years did the Civil War take place 1861-1865
Who was Dred Scott a slave that once lived in a free state and tried to get freedom
What was the fugitive slave act a law in the northern states that made it legal to bring back runaway slaves to their owners
What was the 14th amendment it gave all people in the United states the same civil rights
What was the 15th amendment it gave all male citizens the right to vote
What fort did the Civil war begin at Fort Sumter
What book did Harriet Beecher Stowe write about slavery Uncle Tom's Cabin
What was the Missouri Compromise An agreement that said Missouri was a slave state; while Maine would be a free state
What was the first southern state to secede from the United States South carolina
Who was the Vice president of the Confederacy Alexander Stephens
What was the bloodiest battle during the Civil War Gettysburg
True or False: Disease was the major cause of death in the Civil War True
True or False: Abraham Lincoln was assasinated True
True or False: GA was Britain's 13th colony True
Who was the interpreter between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi Mary Musgrove
Describe the Charter of 1732 It let 21 trustees manage GA for 21 years under King George's command
What was the name of 1742 battle between the English colonists and the Spanish Bloody Marsh
According to the Charter of 1732, the Georgia colony stretched from the Savannah River southward to where Altamaha River
Who is the "father" of GA James Oglethorpe
Who is Tomochichi A Yamacraw Bluff chief who befriended Oglethorpe
What did Oglethorpe originally want GA to be A debtors colony
Which group of colonists were known for being fierce fighters Highland Scots
Who was GA governed by 21 trustees
Who established missions along the east coast Spain
What was the ship that brought the GA colonists over called The Ann
What were 3 reasons that GA was colonized Defense, Economics, and Charity
Were catholics allowed to become apart of GA No
Who were malcontents People who weren't original colonists, so they thought that they didn't have to give the trustees the same loyalty
Who made Ebenezer The Salzburgers
Define trustee someone placed in an official place on behalf of someone
Where did James Oglethorpe land his people when he got to America Yamacaw Bluff on Savannah river
Was Savannah the first city in GA Yes
What was Spanish name for their claim to the islands of the Georgia coast Guale
What were the 5 GA capitals Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta
Describe the headright system The headright system was a system that gave land to the head of a white family
What scandal took place when Georgia’s governor and some legislators were bribed to sell public land to private developers at below-market prices Yazoo land fraud
What were the 2 major Indian tribes in GA Cherokee and Creek
What system replaced the headright system Land lottery
What was the Louisiana purchase A purchase that extended the United States to the rocky mountains
What was New Echota The first Cherokee capital
Who made the Cherokee syllabary Sequoyah
What invention increased cotton production The cotton gin
Describe red sticks and white sticks Red sticks were creek indians who wanted war and white sticks were creek indians that wanted peace
Which creek chief gave up the remaining land of the creek to the US gov? What was his punishment William McIntosh, being scalped and he was executed
What was the first Native American newspaper The Cherokee Phoenix
Who was the president that started the trail of tears Andrew Jackson
What was the Trail of Tears The removal of the Cherokee from GA to their reserves by walking on a trail
The discovery of what and where led to the final removal of the Cherokee Gold in Dahlonega
Cherokee chief John Ross did what Made a petition to protest the Indian removal
What Congressional legislation allowed Georgia to push the Creek and the Cherokee out of the state and to seize their lands The Indian Removal Act of 1830
What was the U.S. Supreme Court case about where Worcester vs Georgia A white missionary who was arrested for trying to help the Cherokee people keep their land
What did the U.S. Supreme Court decide in Worcester vs Georgia Georgia laws did not apply in Cherokee lands
Who was the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court who ruled that Cherokee territory was not subject to Georgia’s state land John Marshall
Name the 3 GA signers of the declaration of independence George Walton, Lyman Hall, and Button Gwinnett
What did the Stamp Act do place a tax on all printed items
What did the Liberty Boys oppose the Stamp act
What were the people who wanted independence called Patriots
What did the French Indian war do to lead up to the American Revolution It put Britain in debt which led to taxes being put on the colonies
Which document was considered an act of treason against Great Britain The Declaration of Independence
What was a punishment from the Boston Tea Party The intolerable acts
What was in the proclamation of 1763 that angered colonists That they couldn't settle west of the appalachain mountains
Why was the battle of kettle creek such an important battle for the Patriots It was their first major win in the war
What attempted to end British control in Savannah The Siege of Savannah
What was the name of the document that the colonies used to govern themselves after they declared independence Articles of confederation
What is Paul Revere best known for Riding into boston to warn the patriots "the british are coming"
True or False: The boston massacre was used for propaganda for the patriots True
What was the southern boundary of GA according to the Proclamation of 1763 St. Mary's
What was the meeting in Philadelphia called where they decided to write the Declaration of Independence Second Continental Congress
What is Thomas Jefferson best known for Being the author of the declaration of independence
What were 3 of the many acts that led to the American Revolution The Intolerable Acts, The Quartering Act, The Sugar Act
Under the Articles of Confederation each state was given how many vote One
Describe the Boston Massacre It was where patriots were calling names at british soldiers and teh soldiers shot fire, killing 5 civilians
Who was a trained military officer that helped the Patriots fight for independence George Washington
Created by: Estefany.251
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