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Chapter 23

Becoming a World Power

Sphere of Influence Are within a country where a foreign nation had special trading rights
Atrocity Wartime act of cruelty and brutality
Isolationism policy of non-involvement in the affairs of other nations
Boxer Rebellion failed attempt by Chinese Nationalists to kick out "foreign devils"
Yellow Journalism sensational news stories, often biased or untrue
Reconcentration moving opposition groups into detention camps
Corollary an addition to an existing policy or doctrine
Nationalism strong pride in your country or nation
Annex to take over or add a territory
Treaty of Kanagawa Japan signed it because of an American show of force (steam-powered war ships)
"Seward's Folly" what some called the Alaskan Purchase, until gold was discovered
Dr. William Gorgas won the battle against mosquitoes in the Panama Canal zone
Who blew up the "Maine"? it remains a mystery to this day
"a splendid little war" the U.S. won a quick, easy victory over Spain
factors that led to war with Spain yellow journalism, sympathy for Cuban rebels, the explosion of the Maine
Alaska Seward annexed it as part of his plan to dominate the Pacific
TR's "Big Stick" policy TR's policy toward Latin America ---Actions should back up words
Roosevelt Corollary based on the Monroe Doctrine which forbid European colonies in the Western Hemisphere
Liliuokalani Queen of Hawaii who stepped down to avoid conflict with U.S.
Isthmus Thin strip of land connecting North and South America
Columbia lost territory when Panama won its independence with U.S. help
Canal runs through Panama - Southwest from Atlantic to Pacific, Northeast from Pacific to Atlantic
Imperialist A person who believes in an overseas empire
Commodore Matthew Perry responsible for opening Japanese ports for trade
Diplomacy peaceful negotiations between governments
"Remember the Maine!" popular battle cry of the Spanish-American War
Gained in the Spanish-American War Puerto Rico, The Philippines, Guam (Cuba gained independence)
Who wanted Hawaii annexed? American sugar planters
Cause of the Spanish-American War stories of Spanish cruelty, U.S. desire for expansion, the explosion of the Maine
Result of Roosevelt Corollary the U.S. became the "policeman" of the Carribean
Major problem building the canal disease-carrying mosquitoes
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