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western civ rome

who were the legendary founders of rome romulus and remus
where was rome founded banks of tiber river and on the palatine hill
what is a republic government where citizens vote for leaders
who were the plebians common people- merchants and farmers
who were the patricians old families- wealthy landowners
what were consuls and what did they do two elected officials- commanded military and government
what were the 12 tables and why were they special laws that protected everyone equally
what city did rome have 3 wars with and what were those wars called carthage- punic wars
what was the end result of the punic wars rome won the first one, carthage won the second one, rome won the last and gained control of spain
what roman general was finally able to defeat them scipio
who were the members of the first triumvirate caesar, crassus, pompey
who were the members of the second triumvirate octavian, antony, lepidus
what route did hannibal take with his elephants to attack rome over the alps and through spain
who were the gracchus brothers and what did they do that made them popular tribunes elected to help the poor- limited the size of estates
of which roman province was julius caesar the governor of before he came to power in rome gaul
how much of rome was slaves late in the roman republic one third
which two men plotted to assassinate caesar brutus and cassius
who did caesar leave most of his power and belongings to and how was he related augustus caesar- nephew and adopted son
what was the battle of actium and why was it important octavian defeated cleopatra and antony, and he was put in charge
what was the pax romana period of peace and prosperity
what architectural concept made the aqueducts possible arches
who id rome respond to the jewish revolt in 70 ad destroyed judeah
why did diocletian divide the empire into two parts too large for one person to rule
which of rome's emperors were the five good emperors nerva trajan hadrian pius aurelius
how did emperor constantine legitimize the christian church edict of milan
who was the leader of the huns attila
why did constantine build a new capital at byzantium/ constantinople gain control of the east
what year did the fall of the roman empire take place 476 ad
what month day and year was julius caesar assassinated march 15, 44 bc
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