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Summerour middle school 8th grade 2017

what role did Andersonville pay in the civil war? It was a confederate prison camp
what caused may people to die in Andersonville? poor prison conditions and diseases
what did the 13th amendment to the us constitution do? abolished slavery
what did the 14th amendment to the us constitution do? made slaves citizens
what did the 15th amendment to the us Constitution do? gave black men the right to vote
who was the captain in charge of Andersonville? Captain Henry wirtz
What happened to the captain in charge of Andersonville ? He was executed
who would have l;east supported radical republican? a member of the KKK
what was the purpose of the KKK? to prevent blacks from voting
describe the Georgia platform a statement supporting the free state of California as long as the fugitive slave act was enforced in the north
during which phase of reconstruction was the 14th amendment created? presidential reconstruction
describe the 14th amendments cause? the practice of adopting laws such as codes which restricted the rights of blacks freedom
what was the bloodiest battle of the civil war? Gettysburg
what was the second bloodiest battle of the civil war? chickimauga
who came to the aid of northern troops? Ulysses s, grant
what was the most devastating thing to occur to the south ?economy during the war the anaconda plan
How did the anaconda plan work? the union ships blocked all southern ports making it impossible to trade
what is reconstruction? rebuilding or redoing something
what is a tenant farmer? a farmer who own their own equipment and does not have to give much to the landowner
what were the two major campaigns fought in the civil war? Atlanta campaign and the march to the sea campaign
what part of the states rights argument said that states din not have to follow federal laws if they didn't want to? nullification
why were black legislatures expelled from the Georgia house and senate after their elections in 1868? they had the right to vote not to hold office
What was the purpose of the fugitive slave act? It required runaway slaves to return to their owners.
what were some causes of the civil war? states rights, sectionalism, and slavery
In the Kansas Nebraska act what was used to decide the slavery issue? voting (popular sovereignty)
who wanted to punish the south for their role in the civil war? radical republicans
after the war who wanted to preserve the southern way of life even if it meant violence? the KKK
which event lead to a special legislative secession in Georgia to consider leaving the union? Lincolns presidential election of 1860
did the emancipation proclamation free all us slaves? no only the ones in the confederate states
was representation i the u.s house of representatives an underlying cause of the war? no
who was the translator essential to negotiations in the founding of the Ga colony Mary musgrove
which English system was Oglethorpe active in bringing reforms about prison system
with which yamacraw chief did Oglethorpe negotiate for the site to begin the GA colony? Tomochichi
what was Oglethorpe original intention for the colony of Ga to be? A debtor colony
what was the name of the 1742 battle between the English and Spanish colonist at st. Simmons island? battle of the bloody marsh
who established the city of Ebeneezer and new Ebeneezer? German saltzburgers
When the GA colony was established which religious group was not allowed to settle in it ? Catholics
what ship did Oglethorpe come to in on the travel to the new world? the ann
why did Georgia begin to prosper after becoming a royal colony? the ban on slavery was lifted
who was the first Spanish conquistador to find Georgia? Hernando de soto
what animals did Hernado de Soto bring along to the new world with him? dogs
what name did the Spanish call the coastal region of Georgia ? Guale
what group of colonists paid for their passage to the new world by working for 4-7 years? indentured servants
why did Spain want to colonize the new world? the 3 Gs
who did the charter of 1732 give the authority to manage the new colony of Ga? 21 trustees
why were early Ga colonist required to plant mulberry trees? to establish the silk industry in Ga
what was the salzburgers main motivation to come to Ga? religious freedom?
what was one reason the colonist were dissatisfied with the policies of the trustees? they could not own slaves
what was the significance of the battle of bloody marsh ? the Spanish threat to British colonies was ended
Georgia was a charter colony for how long ? 21
who was George Walton? one of the three Georgian signers of the declaration of independence
which signer of the DOI started out as a minester then a doctor before becoming a politician? Lyman hall
what attempted to end the British control of Savannah? the siege of Savannah
who was Lyman hall? one of the three signers of the DOI
what document stated, "all men are created equal"? the declaration of independence
who was trained as British ,military offices then went to fight against the king of England? George Washington
what was the nae of the document the colonies used to govern themselves after they declared independence? articles of confederation
why did the king issue the proclamation of 1763? Britain was broke after the french and Indian war
what were the colonist who wanted freedom from great Britain known as? patriots
what was the name of the document that forbid settlers o go beyond the Appalachian mountains ? the proclamation of 1763
what was considered poorly written set of rules for governing a country and GA to be replaced? the articled of confederation
who was button gwinnett? one of the signers of the DOI
what did the 1765 stamp act do? placed a tax on all printed materials
when did George Washington build fort necessity? during the french and Indian war
in what part of the declaration is it written, " all me n are created equal"? the preamble
which signer of the DOI died in a duel? button gwinnett
who was the only Georgian to show up to the second continental congress? Lyman hall
what was the purpose of the intolerable acts? to punish the colonies for acts of violence like the Boston tea party
the signer of the DOI with the most prosperous political career? George Walton
the proclamation of 1763 established what as the southern boundary of Georgia? st. Marys river
what does s.a.l.m.a stand for? Savannah,Augusta, Louisville, midgeville, Atlanta
the university of Georgia was what ? a university that let low income students attend colelge
what Cherokee chiefs wife died on the trail of tears? John Ross
Sequoya never learned to do what ? learn the English language
what scandal took place when GAs governor and some legislators were bribed to sell public land to private developers? yazoo land fraud
what was the most significant mechanical invention to effect GAs economy i the early 1800s? the cotton gin
at which state capital were the record of the yazoo land fraud burned? Louisville
what was the purpose of the head right system? it distributed creek lands to new white settlers
what was the correlation between cotton production and the growth of slavery? as cotton production increased so did slavery
in the mid 1800s what was Georgia's main railroad company? the western Atlantic railroad
what two GA cities were the capital of the late 1700s? Augusta and Louisville
what is a land grant university? the land for the university was donated by the federal government
what was the name of the first native american news paper? the Cherokee phoenix
where was the permanent cherokee capital located? New echo ta Georgia
what discovery on Cherokee land led to their final removal from GA? gold in Dalonega
what name was given to the forced removal of the Cherokee from Georgia ? the trail of tears
what congressional legislation allowed Georgia to push the creek and Cherokee out of the state? the Indian removal act of 1830
what was the western boundary of the Louisiana purchase? the rocky mountains
what states was the Cherokee nation located? North Carolina Tennessee Alabama and Georgia
the university of Georgia is the oldest.... land grant college in the nation
what interstate in Georgia runs primarily easy and west? I-20
what interstate circles the city of Atlanta? I-285 or the perimeter
what are the states two deep water ports? Savannah and Brunswick
how can you determine interstate highways that run east and west? they end in an even number
what interstate cuts through the city of Atlanta diagonally from the northeast to the southwest side if the city? I-85
who were the people who took land from the Spanish and conquered present day us? british
the Spanish christian catholic locations? the Spanish missions
Portuguese explorer who sailed from Europe to the pacific ocean without crossing land? Ferdinand Magellan
what was the purpose of the Spanish missions? for the christian Spaniards to spread their religion
what was a middleman? a trader who buys goods and sells them to other traders and consumers
Created by: Laila Isse
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