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Semester 1 Review

Who favored changing the traditional Creek lifestyle by promoting the move to agriculture and slaveholding? Willam McIntosh
How would you describe a land grant university such as UGA? The land is donated then sold to help pay for the college.
What best explains the movement of GA's capital from Louisville to Milledgeville? The population moved west as the Indians were removed and gold was discovered.
Which policy of giving away land would appeal most to you if you came from a wealthy background? The Yazoo land fraud would be the most beneficial because it didn't matter if the land cost more because you were rich.
Although Sequoyah created the Cherokee language, what language did he never learn? English
Summarize the Yazoo Land Fraud. 4 land companies bribed GA's governor and legislators to sell land to them for cheap, resulting in a massive public outcry.
What was Worcestor vs. Georgia about? white men disobeyed the GA government's policies, which got them arrested
What did UGA allow to happen in GA ? It allowed low income students to attend college.
Where were all records of the Yazoo Land Fraud burned? Louisville
How are slavery and cotton production related? As cotton production goes up, so does slavery.
Which Cherokee chief's wife died on the Trail of Tears? John Ross
What does SALMA stand for? Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, Atlanta
What was GA's main railroad company on the mid-1800's? Western and Atlantic Railroad
Where was the permanent Cherokee capital located? New Echota, GA
Where did the Trail of Tears end? Oklahoma
What was the Western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase? The Rocky Mountains
In what states was the Cherokee nation located? North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia
What were ministers who traveled from town to town preaching to spread Methodist and Baptist churches called? Circuit riders
Which Creek chief signed the treaty of New York? Chief Alexander McGillivray
What did the Treaty of New York do? It gave away all Creek lands east of the Oconee River.
Who was the Supreme Court Chief Justice who presided over the Worchester v. Georgia? John Marshall
Which Creek chief signed the Treaty of Indian Springs? William McIntosh
What did the Treaty of Indian Springs do? It gave away the last Creek lands in GA.
What is Paul Revere best known for ? The ride to warn people that the British were coming and Boston Massacre propaganda.
What did the 1765 Stamp Act do? It placed a tax on all printed materials.
Who had the most successful political career out of the three GAn signers of the Declaration of Independence? George Walton
What document did the American colonists use to govern themselves at first? Articles of Confederation
Which document forbade the settlers from going west of the Appalachian Mountains? Proclamation of 1763
Who died in a duel with Lachlan McIntosh? Button Gwinnett
Who was the only Georgian to show up to the Second Continental Congress at first? Lyman Hall
Under the Articles of Confederation, how many votes did each state get? One vote per state, regardless of population
According to the Proclamation of 1763, Georgia's southern boundary was what? St. Mary's River
Why were the Intolerable Acts passed? In order to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party, among other things
What is a military siege? A siege is a military blockade of a city, or fortress, with the intent of conquering by attrition, or a well-prepared assault
Which document stated that all men had ”the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness"? Declaration of Independence
Why was the Battle of Kettle Creek significant? It renewed the hopes of the Georgia Patriots and gave them supplies.
Which group formed to oppose the Stamp act? Liberty Boys
Where was the Declaration of Independence written? At the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia
Colonists who wanted freedom could be known as what? Patriots, Whigs, Sons & Daughters of Liberty, Liberty Boys
Colonists who did not want freedom from Great Britain were known as what? Loyalists, Tories, Lobsterbacks, King's Friends
How can you tell if an interstate runs east and west or north and south? East-West ends in an even number, north-south ends in an odd number
Which interstate does not run through Atlanta? I-95
What provides a major source of revenue for Georgia? 4 transportation systems
What is the Perimeter? I-285, it circles Atlanta
What are Ga's two major sea ports? Brunswick and Savannah
For how long was Georgia a trustee colony? 20 years
Who established the town of New Ebenezer? Salzburgers
Who was essential for translations between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi? Mary Musgrove
What animal did the conquistadors bring to the New World? dogs
Which religious group was initially not allowed to settle in Georgia? Catholics
Who was Georgia's first royal governor? John Reynolds
Who was Georgia's second royal governor? Henry Ellis
who was Georgia's third royal governor? James Wright
What is mercantilism? A country exports more than it imports in order to create a favorable balance of trade.
What was Georgia's southern boundary according to the Charter of 1732? Altamaha River
Which group was hired by Oglethorpe for their reputation of being fierce warriors? Highland Scots
Which crop was NOT grown during the colonial period? Cotton
Why was Georgia's government unique for its first 20 years? Only colony governed by a group of trustees
Under which royal governor did Georgia prosper the most? James Wright
Why was Henry Ellis' term as governor short-lived? He fell sick
Which following of Christianity were the original Georgia settlers a part of? Protestant
What did the trustees pass in place of laws? Regulations
Were the Yamacraws Creek or Cherokee? Creek
What were the three reasons the colony of Georgia was established? Philanthropy, Economy, Defense
What name did the Spanish call the coastal region of Georgia? Guale
Which group of early settlers in Georgia wanted slavery? Malcontents
What was Oglethorpe and Tomochichi's relationship like? They were very friendly and had a close relationship
What was the first planned city in America? Savannah, Georgia
Which ship did James Oglethorpe and the original colonists come to Georgia on? The Ann
Why were alcohol and slaves initially banned in Georgia? They made people lazy.
What was a sharecropper? Sharecroppers usually owned nothing but their labor, and gave most of their crops to the owner of the land.
What was a tenant farmer? Tenant farmers usually owned their equipment and animals.
What was the Antebellum period? The time before the Civil War
What was the Reconstruction period? The time after the Civil War
How did the Senate attempt to punish Andrew Johnson in response to his Reconstruction plans? They impeached him.
What is the term given to "the breaking away of states"? Secession
What is nullification? A state didn't have to follow federal laws if they didn't want to.
Why was Henry McNeil Turner expelled from the Georgia Senate? African Americans had the right to vote but not to hold office.
What was unique about the Election of 1860? Lincoln won without any votes from the South.
Which Union general led the attack on Atlanta? William T. Sherman
Which Union general led the March to the Sea? William T. Sherman
What are other names for the Civil War? It may be called the War to Preserve the Union, the War of the Rebellion (War of the Southern Rebellion), and the War to Make Men Free. Southerners may refer to it as the War Between the States or the War of Northern Aggression.
What did the Fugitive Slave act do? It required runaway slaves to be returned to their masters.
Why was it ironic that Alexander Stephens became VP of the Confederacy? He was against secession.
Did Radical Republicans support slavery? NO
How was the issue of slavery to be decided in the territories of Kansas and Nebraska? Popular sovereignty
What is popular sovereignty? The people voted in order to settle an issue.
Which group in the south was strongly against slaves' rights? The KKK
What did the Georgia General Assembly approve to show their support for the Compromise of 1850? The Georgia Platform
Why was the South so upset over Lincoln's election? No one wanted him to win!
Who was the commander of the Andersonville prison? Henry Wirtz
What happened to Henry Wirtz after the war ended? He was executed for excessive cruelty.
What was the most damaging to the South's economy during the war? The Anaconda Plan
How did the Anaconda plan work? It was a blockade.
What did the 13th Amendment do? It abolished slavery.
What did the 14th Amendment do? It promised equal rights and equal protection under the law.
What did the 15th Amendment do? It gave the right to vote to all adult males.
Did the Emancipation Proclamation free all slaves in the US? No, only in the South
Why was the Battle of Chickamauga important? It was the second bloodiest battle in the Civil War.
What was the purpose of the Freedman's Bureau? To support former slaves and poor white men.
Created by: tanvishanbhag
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