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Chapter 8 Reforms Study Guide

Henry David Thoreau's quote from Civil Disobedience means that we need to stand for what is right... even if that puts us against our government when it acts unjustly.
What three things did the Second Great Awakening inspire people to do? Increased church membership, inspired people to do missionary work, and take part in reform movements
Reformers blamed alcohol for... poverty, the break up of families, and crime
As the head of the Massachusetts Board of Education, Horace Mann worked for... lengthening the school year to six months, making improvements in the school curriculum, doubling teacher's salaries, and developing better ways to train teachers
What was a school for training high school graduates as teachers called? Normal School
What three principles had most schools accepted by the 1850's? Schools should be free and supported by taxes, teachers should be trained, and children should be required to attend school
What reason was usually given for keeping women from going to school? A woman's role was to become a wife and mother and this did not require an education
In 1833, Oberlin College in Ohio became the first college to... admit both women and African-Americans
Who helped the deaf get an education? Thomas Gallaudet
Who developed books with raised letters to help people with sight impairments (blind) read with their fingers? Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe
Who made it her life's work to educate the public about the poor conditions for both the mentally ill and prisoners? Dorothea Dix
Who were nine famous writers and poets during this period in American History? Margaret Fuller, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Davied Thoreau, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Greenlief Whittier, Edgar Allen Poe, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Harriet Beecher Stowe
Why did many abolitionist women begin to fight for women's rights at this time? They began to recognize their own bondage
What two women met at the World Antislavery Convention in London? Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
In 1848, where was the first women's rights convention in the United States held? Seneca Falls, New York
What was modeled after the Declaration of Independence because women hoped it would connect with the public and it would win more support? Declaration of Sentiments
What was the most controversial issue at the Seneca Falls Convention? Suffrage
Suffrage was when women go to... vote
When did women eventually ge the right to vote in America? 1920
Where did most economic activities take place in the 1700's? In, or near, the home
How did the development of factories change people's lives? It separated the home from the work place so more men left the home to go to work and women stayed behind at home with the children.
What four beliefs about women developed as the home and workplace divided? The home was a proper place for women, women belonged at home because the outside world was corrupt and dangerous, women were viewed as kinder and more moral than men, and women's main responsibility was raising children.
Who established the Troy Female Seminary to teach math, history, geography, and homemaking to women? Emma Willard and Mary Lyon
What three laws gave women more property and marriage rights? The right to own property after marriage, permitting women to jointly share in the guardianship of their children, and allowing women to divorce their husbands if they chronically abused alcohol.
Who was turned down by more than 20 colleges before she graduated at the top of her class and went on to become the first female doctor in America? Elizabeth Blackwell
Created by: ColbyHistory