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Environmental issues Acid rain, pollution of Great Lakes, extraction and use of natural resources on Canadian Shield, timber industry
Acid rain Coal burning factories, cars, trucks release chemicals into air Turn water acidic Damage/kill trees and lakes Southern Canada worst 50-75% of pollution comes from US (wind) People need to ride bikes/walk instead of drive
Great Lakes Fishing unsafe Chemicals from factories cause caused incr algae in Lakes 1971 Great Lakes water quality agreement signed by US &Canada—to restore Lakes environment and prevent further damage Reduce amount of human waste dumped into Lakes
Canadian Shield Large area of thin, rocky solo that surrounds Hudson Bay Minerals in soil—gold, silver, copper, iron ore, nickel, uranium Very important in Canada’s economy Mining big—new rules that reduce pollution from mining
Timber industry (deforestation) Leading producer of timber Paper, wood pulp, plywood, etc -British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario Clear cutting—cut all trees in area leaving big treeless gaps—makes hard for new growth Hundreds of millions of seedlings planted/year
Created by: addison321
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