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"Final's" Questions

For the First Semester of 8th Grade

During the Revolution, what did the Congress do in order to pay for the necessary supplies for the war? Continentals
When were the Continentals passed and what had it caused at first? It was released in 1775 to cause inflation in the whole nation.
Where was the "shot heard 'round the world" fired? Lexington
What were the three sieges that occurred during the Revolutionary War? The sieges were the Siege of Savannah, Yorktown, and Boston.
Who coined the saying, "No Taxation Without Representation?" John Otis
Why did Cornwallis surrendered in the Battle of Yorktown so early? Since he didn't know help was coming and thought that the situation he was in was hopeless.
Why did Cornwallis's back up arrive so late? Due to the long supply lines across the Atlantic just to reach the New World.
Why did France/Spain help the colonists against Britain in the Revolutionary War? Because the Spanish were embarrassed from losing all their lands in the New World to Britain and wanted revenge.
Who took Austin Dabney into his home and tended his wounds? Giles Harris
What was known as the Gaspee Incident? The Gaspee was a patrolling ship whom was chasing the smuggler set up by the Sons of Liberty to burn the ship… After getting all the crew off board.
Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What were the Sons of Liberty dressed up as in order to invade in the Boston Tea Party? Indians
Who were the three Signers of Georgia in the Declaration of Independence? George Walton, Lyman Hall, and Button Gwinnett
Why didn't the king of Britain allow the colonists to go further west of the Appalachian Mountains? In order to keep peace with the natives.
Who used the Boston Massacre as the first ever propaganda? Paul Revere
What does the Intolerable Act consist of? The Quartering Act, the blocking of ports, no self government, and no assembly more than two people.
What was the only way for the blocking of ports end in the Intolerable Act? If the colonists pay for all the tea they've dumped, the blocking of ports would continue.
What was the Provincial Congress about? It was about a meeting between to groups to decide whether to ally or fight against Britain which accomplished very little.
What act stated that the colonies belonged to the king and the Parliament can do whatever they wish to them? The Declaratory Act
What act got repealed for the Declaratory Act? The Stamp Act
What are the five types of transportation currently in use? Planes, trains, cars, trucks, and ships.
How many transportation systems interact in the Transportation Hub? 4
Why is the Interstate Highway System very essential to Georgia's success? The system allows Georgians to ship it's products throughout the US very quickly and efficiently allowing them to make tons of money.
What makes the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport one of the busiest airports in the nation? Due to it's location near the Interstate Highways, it has to transport tons of good to different parts of the world for the companies near the Interstate for money.
What are the two main deepwater ports in Georgia? Savannah and Brunswick
What Is similar between the French Exploration and the English Exploration? They went for religious freedom
Fill in the Blank: The Mississippians organized themselves in a very complex ____________ society Chiefdom
When the Salzburgers first arrived to Georgia, they settled in a town called Ebenezer which means..... "Stone of Help"
What is the oldest Jewish congregation in the south? Congregation Mickve Israel
What mainly caused slavery to take place during the Royal Period? The Malcontents in the Trustee Period
What does the Creeks consists of? The Upper Creeks and Lower Creeks
What is another name for the Upper Creeks? What is another name for the Lower Creeks? Upper Creeks are called Red Sticks Lower Creeks are called White Sticks
What did George Washington give to Chief Alexander McGillivray by signing the Treaty of New York? If the Creek gave up land west of the Oconee River and land from Currahee Mountains to Tugaloo Washington promised to give them tools and farm animals.
What was the first Indian newspaper? Cherokee Phoenix by Elias Boudinot in 1828
Before the Cherokee capital of New Echota, were did it's capital used to be? Wherever the Cherokee chief lived
Who resigned his seat in the US Senate to shoot down those involved in the Yazoo Land Fraud? James Jackson
What was the treaty that Creek Chief William McIntosh signed giving up all Creek lands? Treaty of Indian Springs
What caused the Cherokee to lose all hope to keep their lands in Georgia? The discover of gold in Dahlonega
Where did the Trail of Tears end? Oklahoma (Indian Territory)
What did the members of the tribal council make of the syllabary at first? They made fun of it until Sequoyah had shown that it worked.
Which Indian tribe was considered the most advanced in Georgia? Cherokee
Who was about to invade the Creek with 5000 men till George Washington talked him out of it? Governor Edward Telfair
What did Andrew Jackson mean when he said," John Marshall has rendered his decision; now let him enforce it?" It meant that Jackson didn't want to free Samuel Worchester and Elizur Butler to be free as he thought state governments should be in charge of the Cherokee.
During the War of 1812, what was Thomas Jefferson's plan to place an embargo on France and Britain? In hopes of changing the policies of them both but had no effect.
What happened at the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812? General Andrew Jackson didn't know that the war had been over along with the British soldiers there so he invaded New Orleans losing 13 men but killing 2000 British soldiers
Where did the Star-Spangled Banner originate from? The Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.
What treaty and where was it signed to end the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent in Belgium
Where had the British invaded in 1814 to start path towards Washington D.C.? Chesapeake Bay
What did Gen. Andrew Jackson do after the War of 1812 instead of protecting the Seminole Indians? He invaded Florida forcing the Spanish government out of it for $5 million dollars.
Which side did the Creek join in the War of 1812? The Upper Creeks (Red Sticks) joined the British while the Lower Creeks (White Sticks) joined the US.
What were the three main purposes of the founding of Georgia? Philanthropy, Economics, and Defense.
What caused the colonies during the Trustee period to be unsuccessful? No slavery, no rum, land limits, women couldn't own land, and they were forced to make mulberries, grapes, and indigo
Where did the War of Jenkin's Ear take place? Between Georgia and Florida
Where did the Battle of the Bloody March take place? St. Simons Island
What ship did 125 people and James Oglethorpe board to travel to the New World? The Ann
Where were the three Royal Governors of Georgia during the Trustee Period? John Reynolds, Henry Ellis, and James Wright.
Which Royal Governor at first was favored by the people till he became too obedient to the British King? James Wright
What did Tomochichi mainly want for his people in turn for allowing the English on his lands? He wanted education and fair trade for his people.
What were the five main agricultural products in the Royal Colony? Wine, rice, indigo, silk, and tobacco
Who was the Spanish explorer who went to the New World looking for the 3 G's? Hernando de Soto
What war had left the king in a big debt? The Indian War
Who were the first group of people to arrive to Georgia five months after James Oglethorpe? Jews
What Royal Governor was both good-hearted and famous? Henry Ellis
What was the king’s name who issued the Charter of 1732? King George II
What did the king do to pay off his debts after the Indian War? Increased Taxes
Why did Mary Musgrove have a difficult time getting the land she earned from James Oglethorpe? Cause most of the males were against allowing female land.
After the Indian War, how far did Georgia's boundary grow? Expanded South to St. Mary's River and west to Mississippi River.
How did Henry Ellis become the Royal Governor of Georgia? Since John Reynolds were recalled back to Britain to address the complaints of the colonists which he didn't regain his position.
What was missing when James Wright returned to Georgia once Britain regained control? He was missing the support of the colonists that he once enjoyed.
Why was the Royal period more successful than the Trustee period? There were fewer laws and restrictions.
Who were the largest group of people in the South during the Antebellum period? The Yeomen Farmers (75%)
What caused Kansas during the Antebellum period to be called Bloody Kansas? Because of the border ruffians who wanted the state of Kansas to be a slave state and killed other who they thought would want the state to be a free state.
Why did General Robert E. Lee refuse Abraham Lincoln's request to be his general? Because Lee felt a sense of loyalty to his home state Virginia and wanted to fight for it along with his siblings.
After what battle caused no more constructions of brick forts? Battle of Fort Pulaski
Was Henry Wirz innocent after killing 13,000 Union soldiers in the Andersonville prison? Yes, because he tried to get help from the authorities in the South to tend the prisoners.
Where was Jefferson Davis captured after he ran away from Richmond to avoid the consequences of losing the Civil War? Irwinville, GA
When had Congress allowed blacks to fight in the Civil War? After the regiment of blacks led by Shaw charged at Fort Wagner.
What was the only battle that Sherman lost during his March to Atlanta? the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.
What was the main reason why young people signed up in the Civil War? Because they were bored of farming
Which Latino Admiral was responsible for the blockade in the South? Davis Farragut
How did women play a role in the Civil War? Ran jobs meant for men, disguised as men to join war, acted as spies for both sides, kept close account for family, etc.
What did the Union pass during the Civil War to stop women from treating the soldiers badly? Women's Order
What is an Ordinance? A bill
What were some ways the South tried to manage through the Union Blockade? King Cotton Diplomacy, blockade runners, and swift raiders (to capture Union merchant ships and draw the Navy away from blockade)
Where are sulter wagons usually located in an army during the Civil War? Behind the troops
Where and when did Robert Lee surrender to Ulysses Grant? On April 9, 1865 in the Appomattox Court House
Who led the Union troops in the Battle of Chickamauga and lost? General Rosecrans
What could've the South done to have a chance of winning the war? Continue to stall throughout the war by having Robert Lee defend capital in Richmond and having Gen. Johnston keeping Sherman from reaching Atlanta which if this held, Lincoln would've most likely be voted out of office making North make peace with South.
Why did the Civil war take so long? Since the battles were mainly in the South and southerners generally fight harder on their home soil.
What cause the North to lose most of it's early battles? Because Lincoln was having a hard time choosing who would be the best fit to lead his army.
What was the largest battle in the west during the Civil War? Battle of Gettysburg
What battle was known as the single bloodiest day of war? Battle of Antietam/ Sharpsburg
What was the Homestead Act? An act passes by Congress to encourage western expansion without slavery.
What did the Union name the battles by during the Civil War? Landmarks
What did the Confederate name the battles by during the Civil War? Nearby cities/ towns
Which battle took place on Independence Day and cut the South in half during the Civil War? Battle of Vicksburg
What was the secondary purpose of the Emancipation Proclamation besides freeing slaves? To keep some of the slave states within the Union.
What battles occurred twice during the early stages of the Civil War? Battle of Bull Run (times 2)
How did Abraham Lincoln rig the election of 1820 (which southerners believed)? Since the Democrats had split up with the Northern Demo supporting Stephen Douglas, Southern Demo supporting John Breckenridge, and the Constitutional Union Party supporting John Bell. So, the only big one left is the Republican Party siding with Lincoln
Who was known as the Great Compromiser who failed to get presidency four times? Henry Clay
Created by: Ha_H_Hy
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