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5th SS Unit 3

WWI & Post War

Why did it take America 3 years to enter WWI? America wanted to isolated themselves from the war because they felt it was not their responsibility.
What weapon was a large reason why the US entered WWI? Submarines
How did Babe Ruth most impact baseball? He was very entertaining and it made people want to watch him play
What was the main event that started WWI? the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
What main countries made up Allied Forces? Russia, Great Britain, U.S and France
What is specialization? Who specialize in using an assembly line build automobiles? Doing one thing and becoming an expert at that one thing. Henry Ford specialized in building cars on assembly lines
What was the name of the treaty signed in Paris, France at the end of the war? Treaty of Versailles
Who was the President of the United States during WWI? Woodrow Wilson
What is an alliance? an agreement between nations to defend one another
What impact did the US entering WWI have? The US entering the war gave the Allies the push they needed to force the Germans to retreat and surrender.
Why are the 1920s referred to as the "Roaring Twenties?" Widespread social economic changes occurred
What invention entertained people and changed the way people got their news? the Radio
A type of music that began in New Orleans and was first made by enslaved African Americans Jazz
He was the first person to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean Charles Lindbergh
A period in the 1920s when major works (music, poetry, art) were created by African American writers and poets Harlem Renaissance
A famous African American author who wrote POEMS, books, and plays about the lives of African Americans Langston Hughes
Popular baseball pitcher and outfielder for the NY Yankees who set the homerun record during the 1927 season Babe Ruth
Famous entrepreneur who made the model T on an assembly line; building automobiles faster and less expensive Henry Ford
Influential African American jazz MUSICIAN and singer; played the trumpet Louis Armstrong
Created by: tmixon13
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