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Final Exam- 8th

Time to ace this test!!!

What are the main causes of the civil war ? States' Rights, Slavery, and Sectionalism
What officially started the civil war in 1861 ? The confederate forces opening fire at Fort sumter
When states felt like they didn't have to follow federal laws it is called ? Nullification
California entered the union as a free state, selling slaves was not allowed in the District of Columbia, and the fugitive slave act was passed Compromise of 1850
A court case where a slave sued that he was a free man because he had lived in a free state, but the U.S Supreme court said he couldn't sue in the first place because he was a slave and was just property Dred Scott Case
Why was the South so upset about the Election of 1860? Because Abraham Lincoln won the election and no one in the south voted for him
What was made in response to the compromise of 1850? The Georgia Platform
What hurt the South's economy during the civil war ? The Union blockade (Anaconda Plan, Scott's Great Snake)
Who were the blockade runners ? Private ships that slipped around the blockade and sped into and out of the blocked ports. The blockade runners purchased military supplies, food, and medical supplies and returned to sell to the confederacy for huge profit.
True or false: The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves ALL slaves False. The Emancipation Proclamation freed only the slaves in the confederacy
The second bloodiest battle in the civil war. Was considered a confederate victory. Fought in Georgia Battle of Chickamuga
How did Sherman's March to Sea affect georgia? Sherman's March to Sea destroyed all military targets and the civilian economic system (farms, homes ,towns, railroads, bridges, roads) that supports the confederate military
Explain the issue with debate over secession The debate of secession in North Carolina cut the state's into two parts which then became the Confederate States of America
How did Andersonville play a role in the Civil war ? It was a confederate prison for union soldiers in Andersonville, Ga
What caused the death of so many union soldiers in andersonville? Prisoners died of over crowding, starvation, disease, lack of sanitation, and lack of shelter
Who was in charge of the Atlanta campaign ? William T. Sherman
Which amendment abolished all slavery? 13th amendment
Which amendments were ratified under the military reconstruction plan? 14th and 15th
What made the presidential reconstruction plan different from the congressional reconstruction plan ? Abraham Lincoln thought it was important for the north to support polices that help the south recover from the war quickly as possible
What were the goals of the Ku Klux Klan? To prevent blacks from voting, preserve southern way of life, and bring democrats back to power
What did the 14th amendment do? The 14th amendment gave African American men citizenship
The 15th amendment gave blacks the right to ____________? vote
What did the Freedman's Bureau do? Provided education, social services, training, churches, labor contracts, food, and clothing to former slaves
What was the reason for the removal of black legislators in the Georgia assembly? Blacks had the right the vote but they couldn't hold office
What is tenant farming ? Farmers who have their own equipment and farm animals but is using someone else's land to grow food. However they did not have to give what they grew to the landowner
After the civil war most freedmen made a living as a ___________? sharecropper
What was the purpose the Fugitive Slave Act? It was an act part of the compromise of 1850 to send runaway slaves back to there owners
What did the Kansas- Nebraska Act use to decide the issue with slavery Popular sovereignty (voting)
Which group in congress opposed Lincoln's plan for reconstruction? Radical Republicans
What was the Congressional Reconstruction plan ? Congress says southern states must ratify the amendment to join the union
What were the causes of the American Revolution? The french Indian War, Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, and the Proclamation of 1763
Who were Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, and George Walton? The Georgia signers of the declaration of independence
Which part of the declaration of independence states the complaints of the King and everything the patriots thought he did wrong? Grivevances
Who were the loyalists? The people who were loyal to the king /Britain and did not support independence
Why was the battle of Kettle Creek so important to Patriots? It was their first victory of the war and they gain a lot of supplies from the Tories that they didn't have before
What was said in the proclamation of 1763? It didn't allow settlers to go west of the Appalachian Mountains
Why did the Georgians protest the stamp act the most out of all the acts made during the revolutionary war time period? Because the stamp act involved every Georgian in one way or another
Which document was considered an act of treason in England? Deceleration of Independence
What part of the deceleration of independence says "All men are created equal" ? premable
How did the French Indian war lead up to the American revolution? The war put Britain in debt leading up to acts that put taxes on many different items
What group wanted independence from Britain and were also called Whigs? Patriots
What is the Articles of Confederation? A bad set of rules written to govern the country but was then replaced by the US constitution in order for the country to remain
What did the Stamp act do? Place a tax on all printed materials
Why were the intolerable acts passed? To punish colonies for violence in protesting over taxes such as the Boston tea party
What became the southern boundary of Georgia based on the proclamation of 1763? St. Mary's River
When the patriots and the french allies attempted to take over Savannah, Ga and block anything coming in or out the city? Siege of Savannah
Who was a trained military officer who went to help fight the Whigs for independence ? George Washington
The Liberty boys were made to oppose which act? Stamp Act
What was the meeting in Philadelphia where the Deceleration of independence was written? Second Continental Congress
Who was author of Deceleration of independence ? Thomas Jefferson
Who did the charter of 1732 say could mange the new colony Georgia? 21 trustees (James Oglethorpe was leader of the 21 trustees)
What are the reasons for establishing Georgia? Philanthropy, Economics, and Defense
What was James Oglethorpe's "Dream" for the new colony? It was to start a colony for debtors so they can get out of jail and work to pay their debts
Was the chief of the Yamacraw Indians, became good friends with Oglethorpe, and let the colonists settle on the Yamacraw lands Tomochichi
How did Mary Musgrove play a role in the colonization of Georgia? She was the translator for Tomochichi and James Oglethorpe so they could be able to communicate. Without Mary Musgrove she would not have been able to bring peaceful relationships with the Indians and the colonists
Why did the Salzburgers come to Georgia? They got kicked out of their countries because of their certain religion therefore they came to Georgia for religious freedom
What was the first planed city in the new world designed by Robert Castall? Savannah, Georgia
How were the colonial lifestyles of Georgia and South Carolina different? In GA you didn't have that many freedoms as a trustee colony but however in SC there are more freedoms
What are some laws that were enforced during the trustee period but later repealed when Georgia became a royal colony No slavery, limited land ownership
Who were the Highland Scots? A group of soldiers from Scotland who helped colonize GA & defend the colony from the Spanish
Who was Georgia's 2nd royal governer Henry Ellis
Which goods were produced and traded in colonial Georgia? Wine, rice, indigo, silk, and tabacco
Who founded the town of Ebeneezer northwest of Savannah along the Savannah river? Salzburgers
How did land ownership change when GA became a royal colony? Colonists were allowed to own and sell more land and have large plantations farms with slave labor
How did the government change when GA became a royal colony? A bicameral legislature was created where people had more of a say in what was happening in the colony's government. White males(w/ property) could vote. There was more freedoms
Who was John Reynolds? The 1st royal governor of Georgia
This group objected to the trustees limits on land ownership and prohibitions on slavery and rum. Felt the trustees policies were preventing them from realizing their true economic potential Malcontents
What was the battle of bloody marsh ? Where Spanish and English forces fought on St. Simmons Island in GA. Resulted in a English victory
How many years was Georgia a Charter Colony for? 20 years
How did the Georgia trustees work around the charter rules by the king? They passed regulations rather then laws
What are the reasons for Spanish exploration? The 3 G's
Why were Spanish missions established ? To spread Christianity to Native Americans
Reasons for British exploration Mercantilism and religious freedom
What was the result of Spanish contact on the American Indians? Many Mississippians lost their lives
Lived in villages, weapons were things such as bow and arrows, and were farmers. The Mississippians
What are the four different types of transportation systems in GA ? Interstate Highways, Hartsfield- Jackson Airport, Railroads, and deep water ports
Where are the 2 deep water ports located in GA? Savannah, GA and Brunswick, GA
Name all the MAIN interstate highways I-285, I-85, I-75, I-20, I-95
Out of the 4 transportation systems which 2 are significant to Georgia's international trade Hartsfield- Jackson Airport and the deep water ports
Which type of transportation system is able to carry large amount of cargo over land railways
What were the 2 major native tribes Cherokee and Creek
True or False: The Georgia land lottery replaced the head right system? True
What were the 5 capitals of Georgia in order up until today ? Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta
What was the name of the frequently used railroad companies in the mid 1800s? Western and Atlantic railroad
What was the Worcester v. Georgia case about? A white missionary that was arrested for helping the Cherokee keep their lands
Describe the Indian Removal Act Congressional legislation allowed Georgia to push the creek and Cherokee out of the state and seize their lands
What did John Marshall do? He was chief justice that ruled Cherokee territory was not subject to GA's state laws
What was the Yazoo Land Fraud? When Georgia legislators accepted bribes from land companies to sell land for lower costs
What was the first land grant university in GA? University of Georgia (UGA)
Who created the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
The discovery of gold in this city led to the removal of the Cherokee Indians ? Dahlonega, Georgia
Leader of Creek Nation who signed the Treaty of Indian Springs? William Mclntosh
Was an American General that soon became a US president? Andrew Jackson
How did the headright system work? Each white male counted as head of a family had the right to own up to 1000 acres of land
Who is John Ross The Indian chief of the Cherokee
What happened in the trail of tears? The name given to the forced removal of the Cherokee to where many had died due to weather conditions and etc
What did Sequoyah create for the Cherokee and how did it impact them? He developed a syllabary so the Cherokee could have their own written language
How did the cotton gin impact Georgia's growth? The cotton production increased and slavery increased
If you came from a wealthy background which act would you had the most advantage from? The Yazoo Land Fraud because you could buy a lot of land for low prices
What did Andrew Jackson mean when he said "he has rendered his decision, now let him enforce it" during the Worcester v. Georgia case? In order to enforce a bill they need approve from the president but since the president didn't support his ruling the president thought the law would not be enforced
Created by: Madison_Jones