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Social studies final

6th grade social studies midd term study guide

A example of a European architecture is. . . A cathedral.
Another example of European architecture is. . . A monument.
A cathedral is a reflection of a European culture because. . . Christianity is the most practiced religion in Europe.
A monument is a reflection of a European culture because. . . Its history and its a sign of innovation.
Christian Denominations in Europe are? Roman Catholic, Protestant , and Orthodox.
Where are the Christian denominations located in Europe? Roman catholic is mostly found in Southern and Western parts Protestant is mostly found in the Northern parts Orthodox is found mostly in Eastern parts and Russia
How did the European industrial revelation effect the rest of the world? It spread through cultural diffusion to other parts of the world. Also increased inventions and innovation.
How is the European Union an example of corporation between country's? They take away tariffs in between members and show interdependence by all having a common currency called a Euro.
How did Central and Eastern Europe unite with Western Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union? They had to work together. Eastern Europe changed from communism to Interdependent.
How did the Western Europe economy develop? The economy became a Free Enterprise and being apart of the EU made it stronger.
How did Western Europe's government (politics) develop? It became a interdependent democratic republic.
How did Eastern Europe's economy develop? The economy was a weak unstable.
How did Eastern government (politics) develop? The government was a unstable communist government under Soviet Union rule until its collapse the area became a democracy
Russia transitioned into a Free Enterprise because. . . The cold war ended and the Soviet Union collapsed.
Some effects of the Soviet Union are. . . New nations were created Economies also struggled to develop Governments of Eurasian Republics were unstable
Some religious differences between Russia and Eurasian Republics are. . . Russia had mostly Christianity and Europe had mostly Muslims.
Some political differences between Russia and Eurasian Republics are. . . Russia is a Oligarchy and Eurasian is a Democracy Republic with no rights or freedom
Other cultural differences between Russia and Eurasian Republics are. . . Languages
Things that happened in WWI are The industrial revelation caused more weapons to be produced The treaty of Versailles ended the war Germany was embarrassed cause they were blamed for the war and forced to pay money
Things that happen in WWII are Germany had a new ruler named Adolf Hitler The Holocaust killed more than 12 million people The U.S ended the war by dropping a atomic bomb in Japan
Things that happened in the Cold War are To help stop the spread of communism NATO was formed The U.S and the Soviet Union had many nuclear weapons, but never used them
Things that WWI and WWII have in common are Germany was involved
Things that WWII and the Cold War have in common are The U.S and Soviet Union were national superpowers
Things that WWI, WWII and the Cold War have in common is All had European Conflict in it
Created by: spotsville2
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