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Final Study Guide

to study for the final.

What was the busiest airport in the world? Harts field Jackson airport
What were the 2 major water ports in Georgia? Savanah and Brunswick water ports.
True or False: odd number east and west Even numbers north and south. False it is opposite
Were highways good for businesses in Georgia? It was very well for Georgia's businesses.
Would i-20 be east to west or south to north? east to west.
Who was hernado details soto? He discovered the Mississippi river.
Why did James Oglethorpe want to colonize Georgia? He wanted it to be the land for the poor and the people who were in prison for not being able to pay their taxes.
When did great Britain claim georgia? 1663
How many men went with overthrow to rule georgia? 21
How many people went? Over 125
Where did they first settle in Georgia? Savannah or Yama craw bluff.
Who was chief Tomochichi? He was the chief of the of the yamacraw that allowed the trustees and the people to stay.
What kind of colony was Oglethorpe colony? It was a trustee colony.
How many men were in charge of the trustee colony? 21
When was the official charter signed? June 20, 1732
What did the charter of 1732 propose? It said that Oglethorpe and the 20 other trustees have to rule Georgia for another 21 years.
Who was the translator for chief tomochichi and James Oglethorpe? Mary Musgrove
What were some things that the people of Georgia could not do? They could not drink or get drunk, they could not own slaves, and they could not be lawyers.
Who were the highland Scotts? They were there to be the border to protect the trustees.
Who were the Salzburg's? Salzburg's did not like any of the rules the trustees made.
What is a royal colony? A colony directly governed by a king.
Who was the first royal govener? John Reynolds
Who was the second royal governor? Henry Ellis
Who was the third royal governor? James Wright
Who was the best royal governor? James Wright
Who rose to be the leader after chief tomochichi died? Tooanahowi
Who made the self governing system? Henry Ellis
Which one of the royal governors was a scientist? Henry Ellis
What year did Georgia become a colony? 1752
What is a palaside? They were fences made of sharpened stakes
Which of these laws made colonists provide British soldiers with food, transportation and housing? the Quartering Act
Who was the ruler of England during the Revolutionary War? King George III
Massachusetts men who could be ready to fight at a minute's notice were called what? Minutemen
"The Shot Heard Around the World" refers to which battle? Lexington & Concord
Which treaty ended the American Revolutionary War? Treaty of Paris in 1783
Those who remained loyal to the King during the Revolution were known as what? Loyalists
Written by Thomas Jefferson, this document cut ties between America and Great Britain and listed the numerous reasons justifying doing so. Declaration of Independance
This Act of 1765 required colonists to pay for an official stamp, or seal, when they bought paper items Stamp Act
This word means a preliminary or preparatory statement; an introduction. Preamble
In June 1767, Parliament passed the this Act, which placed duties on glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea Townsend Acts
In 1764, Parliament passed this Act, which set duties on molasses and sugar imported by the colonists Sugar Act
What is the name of the document that ended the American Revolution and granted the United States all territory held by Great Britain in America below Canada? Treaty of Paris of 1783
What tax were the colonists protesting against in the Boston Tea Party tea act
Why did the writers write the Declaration of Independence To declare independence from England
What is the American Revolution? A war between the 13 Colonies and Britain.
The army of the colonies was called the Continental Army
The British had many advantages in the war including strong Navy and well-trained army
When was the Treaty of Paris signed? 1783
King George was tired of war and asked Parliament to end hostilities against the United States. False
The colonists who remained loyal to Britain were called Tories
What was the Yazoo land fraud? The sale of western land to four land compenies after the governor and members of the genral assembly had been bribed.
What was the head right system? headright system. noun. a system of obtaining land in colonial times in which one received fifty acres of land for every emigrant to America one sponsored.
What groups were given land by the federal government? Soldiers in the War of 1812 Railroad companies Homesteaders who paid a small registration fee
What were reasons for the Panic of 1819? The Bank of the US demanded redemption of its state bank notes Foreign demand for American crops dropped off The state banks demanded that small farmers pay off their loans
What was the Louisiana purchase? The U.S. paid fifty million francs The Louisiana territory included land from Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska; Minnesota a large portion of North Dakota; South Dakota; New Mexico;Texas; the area of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado
What were Georgia's capitals? Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta.
What is land lottery? Under this system, qualifying citizens could register for a chance to win lots of land that had formerly (and in most cases recently) been occupied by the Creek Indians and the Cherokee Nation.
Who created the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What did the cotton gin do for slavery? It increased slavery.
What was the Cherokee phoenix? It is a newspaper so other town knows what the Cherokee are doing.
What did George Gist/Sequoyah do? He made a syllabary so they could communicate and have their own language.
What were some of the major cash crops? cotton and tobacco
What were some ways to transport over water? river boats and ferries
What's a turn pike? It make people pay to cross a road
Were railroads major transportation? T/F True
Who was William McIntosh? He signed he treaty of indian springs and got removed from their lands. And he was killed by his people.
What was the trail of tears? It was forced relocation of the indians.
Who was John Ross? He was one of the chiefs of the cherokee nation.
Who was John Marshall? He was the chief of justice for the supreme court.
What was the Worcester v. Georgia? It says you can not move the native americans without a licenes.
What was the 13th amendment? It abolished slavery.
What was the 14th amendment? WhtIt gave rights to former slaves.
What was the 15th. Amendment?r It gave all men over 21 the right to vote.
What was the purpose of the freedoms bureau? To provide education and social services to former slaves.
What is sharecropping? Sharecropping is a form of agriculture in which a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crops produced on their portion of land.
What is tenant farming? Tenant farming is when they bring their own supplies and do your land.
How did Georgia help seccession in 1850? The Georgia platform
What is nullification? Nullification is the act of cancelling something.
What did the emancipation proclamation do or the union? It allowed the slaves in federal states to become free if they fight for the union side.
What was Sherman’s march to the sea? Sherman abandoned his supply line and marched across Georgia to the Atlantic Ocean to prove to the Confederate population that its government could not protect the people from invaders. He practiced psychological warfare; he believed that by marching
Which side won the civil war? The union.
What did the winning side of the civil war gain? THey abolished slavery.
What was the first bloodiest battle of the civil war? Gettysburg
What was the second bloodiest battle of the civil war? Chickamuaga
the belief that a state's sovereignty (supreme power or authority) is more important than that of the national government. States rights
What was the Missouri compromise? compromise that brought Missouri into the Union as a slave state and Maine as a free state; in addition, Congress banned slavery north of the 36 degree line of latitude.
What was the compromise of 1860? Compromise between the North and South that allowed California to enter the Union in exchange for the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act.
Act that allowed the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to decide if they wanted to enter the Union as free or slave states (popular sovereignty) Kansas Nebraska act
What was the dread Scott case? Supreme Court ruling that declared slaves were not citizens of the United States.
What was the election of 1860? election where Abraham Lincoln defeated three opponents to win the presidency; upon Lincoln's election Southern states seceded (withdraw formally from membership) from the Union.
What is a blockade? Northern strategy against the South to block the coast and prevent trading with European countries in an attempt to hurt the Southern economy.
Who were the blockade runners? private Southern ships that attempted to "break" the Union blockade and trade cotton with European countries for manufactured goods.
What was Sherman’s Atlanta campaign? Union military campaign led by William T. Sherman from May 1864 - Sept. 1864 with Atlanta as the ultimate objective; Sherman's army marched from Chattanooga to Atlanta.
What was the worst soldier prison in the civil war? Andersonville
Who was Henry Neal Mcturner? most well-known African-American GA legislator during the Reconstruction Period
What was the Presidential Reconstructoon? Reconstruction period where the President took responsibility for bringing the South back into the Union; most lenient of the Reconstruction plans; commonly known as the 10% plan.
What was the Military Reconstruction? Reconstruction period where the military took responsibility for bringing the South back into the Union; the South was divided into military districts.
What is the Congressional Reconstruction? Reconstruction period where Congress took responsibility for bringing the South back into the Union.
what is slavery? One of the leading causes of the Civil War. The North wanted to abolish slavery but the South was against the abolition of slavery.
What was the fugitive slave act? The Compromise of 1850 also included the Fugitive Slave Act. It punished those who helped runaway slaves, and demanded that slaves be returned to the South, even if they had made it into free territory in the North.
Created by: AlyssaWilkin
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