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Unit 2 Study Guide

Geronimo He eluded capture by the U.S. Army, which hoped to place him on a reservation.
Chief Joseph Nez Perce leader who said, "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."
Cooperative A way for farmers to work together to cut costs and increase profits.
Graft Illegal or dishonest way of gaining money or political power.
Patent Protected an inventor's right to make, use, or sell his or her invention.
Social Darwinism The theory that the "fittest" people, businesses, or nations would succeed, while the "unfit" would fail.
Vertical Integration A way to reduce production costs by owning businesses that provided the services and materials upon which an enterprise depends.
Conspicuous Consumption The lavish spending of money to impress others.
Settlement Houses Community centers that offered education, skills training, and cultural events.
Jane Addams Established Hull House and fought for women's rights.
What did Sarah Winnemucca do? She asked President Hayes to allow the Paiute to return to their homeland.
What did Secretary of State purchase in 1867? Alaska.
What reservation did the U.S. Army lead the Navajo to in 1864? The Bosque Redondo Reservation.
What invention created new jobs for women? The telephone.
What is a Monopoly? Exclusive control over an industry.
What did the Sherman Antitrust Act outlaw? The forming of monopolies and trusts.
Did the poor, working class Americans stay poor or get to become middle class? They remained poor despite the increase in jobs.
What is Yellow Journalism? Sensational stories and color cartoons from newspapers such as the World and the Journal.
What did political bosses do to gain power and wealth? Accepted many bribes to place individuals in political positions of power.
What did the Populist party fight for? The National Grange and Alliance demands.
Did railroad owners agree with the Interstate Commerce Act? No.
What did the United States government do with most of the treaties that they made with Native Americans? Failed to fulfill them, often completely disregarding them.
What did American laborers do to fight for better working conditions? Organize labor strikes or join Labor Unions.
What did the Civil Service Commission do? It administered competitive examinations to those seeking government employment.
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