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Julessa Tijani

final review questions for social studies

1.How did the Dred Scott decision help push the nation closer to the war? By siding with the southern institutions of slavery, where the supreme court ruled slaves were property and not citizens, and that the federal government did not have the power to stop slavery in territories contributing to sectionalism in the country.
2.How did Georgia help secession in 1850? By the Georgia Platform.
3.What Union tactic caused the most damage to all of the Souths economy ? Through blockades off the southern sea parts like Savannah and Charleston.
4.During the Presidential Reconstruction what amendment was ratified? the 13th amendment.
5.Who was hernando de soto? The first European to explore Georgia a
6.Who was Jefferson Davis? The leader of the confederate army who use yo be a senate for the north but resigned when ask to be president for the confederate.
7.The economy that agriculture was based on is? The south
8.The economy that industrialization was based on is? The North
9.It is known as the "King Of the South" Cotton
10.Describe Nationalism Pride for country or patriotic feeling, principles, or effort.
11.What are the differences between Sharecropping and Tenant farming? The difference between the two is sharecropping people bring their labor and that's all while tenant farmers have their own materials
12.Vice President for the confederate army and help write the Georgia platform Alexander stephens
13.Paul Reverse is who? The man who warned the patriots that the British was coming .
14.Define Mercantilism A trade policy in which a country exports more than it imports.
15.Why did Georgia want the Native Americans removed ? For there land.
16.How many interstates does Georgia have? four.
17. Who were the three men from Georgia that wrote the declaration of independence? George Walton , Button Gwinnett , and Lyman Hall
18.What is intermodal? Different modes of transportation used for products to get from the producer to the consumer/user.
19.True or False: does Georgia support economic river transportation? True
20. What is one way why Railroads are so important to Georgia? Transportation
21.Name the two important ports in Georgia? Savannah and Brunswick
22. Who are Middleman's Traders who buys goods from producers and sells them to other traders and consumers.
23.Who was Lief Erikson? One of the first men to explore North America.
24.Who was the man that thought Portugal To Japan was less than 3,000 miles when it is actually 12,000? Christopher Columbus
25.When was the colony of Georgia granted to the trustees? June 7, 1732
26.What happened to the Native Americans when the Spanish came? Lots of them died because of the disease the Spanish brought.
27. Who was Robert Castell and what was happened? Robert was a friend of James Oglethorpe and he died in debtors prison from small pox and after that James wanted to laws passed that improved poor conditions and let a lot of prisoners go.
28.What was Dr. Thomas Bray's idea before he died? A colony should be founded to help the people in debt.
29. What was the religious group that was excluded from Georgia Charters and because of what? Catholics and because of longstanding divisions between the Catholic church and Church of England?
30. Name all of the things trustees could not do ... They could not own land , hold political office , or be given money for their work?
31. Define Trustee A person who holds responsibility on behalf of others.
32. What Native American tribe did James Oglethorpe build savannah on and who was their leader? Yamacraw and Tomochichi was their chief
33.Who were Malcontents? Rebellious people who weren't original settlers of Georgia.
34. Describe the Mississippian period. Existed after the woodland period beginning about 900 CE, they were famous living in the southeast until the late 15th Century , lived in villages called chiefdoms where they traded between themselves over a large area.
35. What was the reason for creating the colony of Georgia ? To create a debtor colony for people to start over and also for Defense, Economics , and Charity.
36. How did the only doctor at the time die? He died from diseases through the drinking water.
37. How did conflict spark in the new colony? By total differences on the laws and regulations.
38. True or False: The three reasons the colony was made was Charity, Economics , and Defense? True
39. What day was savannah beginning to get built on yamacraw land? February 12,1738
40. During what period of time was Georgia unable to grow large amounts of crops to benefit England? Trustee Period
41. Because settlers became and troublesome the trustees called who? The Malcontents
42. Who could not become Colonists? Black liquor dealers , Catholics, and Lawyers
43. Who were Royal Colonist? John Reynolds , Henry Ellis , James Wright
44. How did James Oglethorpe repay Tomochichi? By taking him to England to meet the king.
45. James Wright was.... the third royal governor and was popular and was able to administrate and be a servant of the crown.
46.The Savannah River Stretched south to what river? Altamaha River
47.Who were the highland Scotts? Warriors who James Oglethorpe ask to defend Georgia and was allowed to build settlement on the Altamaha River
48. What year was the battle of bloody Marsh Fought? In 1742
49. What women is known to be a heroine in the American Revolutionary War? Nancy Hart
50. Who was Austin dabney An African American who saved Elijah Clark's life
51. What was the cause of the American Revolutionary war? The colonists wanted freedom from great Britain
52. In what year did Great Britain increase tax on wine and imported goods? 1764
53. Explain the townsend act ? taxes on tea, paper, glass and coloring for paints
54. Who were the liberty boys ? A group of patriots that protested on acts.
55. when did the French and Indian war start an end? 1752-1763
56. What is the middle part of the declaration of independence called ? Grievances
57. The proclamation of 1863 stated what? It stated that no person should go westward of the Appalachian mountain because they did not want another war.
58. Who primarily wrote the declaration of independence? Thomas Jefferson
59. Who's signature would cause a lot of money? Button Gwinnett
60. Minutemen are.... Rebels that made strategies for the war
61. When and where were the first shots heard ? April 19, 1775 The battle of Lexington and Concord
62. Why did Nancy Hart kill those two Tories ? Because they killed her neighbor and they were making a mock out of it
63. Who are Loyalists? The people who remained loyal to great Britain.
64. Who is John Hancock? Was a signer of the declaration of independence and governor of Massachusetts
65. What was the second Continental congress? an early decision to send petition to the king to not take anymore steps to hurt the colonies.
66. Who was the second executive chief of Georgia? George Walton
67. He was killed by firearm and was a Merchant? Button Gwinnett
68. The bill of rights were the first ten amendments added to the constitution when was it ratified? December 15, 1791
69.who was the creator(s) of the Cherokee phoenix ? Elas Boudinot
70. What did the Mechanical Reaper do and how did it help plantations. it cut wheat which saved time
71. How did the Cherokee make a living? Hunting or farming
72. What was the war called between the creek and the settlers ? Ocenee War
73. Why did Sequoyah's wife burn his syllabary and how long did it take to reconstruct it ? She feared that the white government wouldn't like what he was doing.
74. Eli Whitney created what and did it help slaves ( EXPLAIN)? Cotton Gin and it didn't it helped machines to take the seeds out not separate.
75. Which capital was named after the king of France ? Louisville
76. A land grant is ....... land donated from federal government
77. His wife died on the trail of tears , who is he ? John Ross
78. Describe the Yazoo Land Fraud. When Georgia's Governor were bribed to sell public land to private developers for less than market price.
79. What was the supreme court case about a missionary arrested ? Worcester v. Georgia
80. Describe the Headright System? It distributed lands to poor white settlers
81. Describe Land Lottery? Replaced the Headright system
82. The Western and Atlantic is.... Georgia's main railroad company
83. Where was the place of discover of gold and how did it happen ? Dahlonega when the removed the Cherokee from their land
84. What was the Trail of Tears? When the Cherokee was forced off their land and had to walk .
85. Explain the Indian Removal Act of 1830 ? All CREEK indians had to be removed from Georgia
86. Explain the Louisiana Purchase? When Thomas jefferson purchased land from the french
87. What did William Mcltosh do that he was killed by his own tribe members? He gave away CREEK lands without permission.
88. What a reason why settlers wanted creek lands? Because of their soil
89. How did railroads help the economy ? It helped get things transported faster and meant they economy could grow.
90. Who was the president during the westward expansion? Andrew Jackson
91. What was the goal of the north? Make the south do what they say so they can be a union again
92. What was the goal of the south? Was going to fight until the north got tired
93. Who was Abraham Lincoln? The president in the union who won with no votes from the south
94. What general did President Lincoln go back to ? George Mcclallin
95.What was the problem at fort sumter? Because south Carolina was the
96. Who is Robert E. Lee? The general for the south
97. Describe the Anaconda plan? To form a blockade around southern parts
98. What was the battle on bull run? The first major bull run
99.What is the Emancipation Proclamation? To set slaves in the confederate free
100. Who surrendered at Gettysburg? Robert E. Lee
101.Who was the commander in chief in anendersonville? Henry wirtz
102. Describe African Americans in the war? They were able to fight for manual after the E.p
103. Talk about the politics and economic parts of the war? The honested act encouraged the westward expansion without slavery
104. who was henry clay? The man who wrote the compromise of 1850
105. Who was ulysees s. grant' The general for the union
106.what was the second bloodiest Chickumauga
107. What was uncle toms cabin? A book
108. What two major campaigns were fought? Savannah and Atlanta
109. How many people died at andersonville? 12,912 people
110. true or false: was Lincoln the president during the civil war? True
111. True or false the north wanted slavery? False
112. true or false : Robert e Lee the general of the confederate True
Created by: julessat
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