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GH8: Unit 6 Review

Bourbon Triumvirate Joseph Brown - Alfred Colquitt - John Gordon - idea of industrialization
Populist Party New political party formed during New South - supported farmers and common people
Henry Grady "Voice of the New South" - "Father of the New South" - helped organize International Cotton Exposition
Tom Watson GA politician - leader of Populist Party - created RFD bill - assisted poor Georgians and farmers
Rural Free Delivery (RFD) Delivery of mail to rural areas for FREE
International Cotton Exposition 1881 and 185 - created to show economic recovery and potential of South after Reconstruction
Atlanta Race Riots - 1906 Racial violence between white and black citizens - began as result of false accusations against black citizens
Leo Frank Jewish factory manager - accused of killing 14 year old Mary Phagan - sentenced to death but later changed to life in prison - abducted and lynched in Marietta
Knights of Mary Phagan KKK reborn in GA after they lynched the man of murdering Mary Phagan
Jim Crow Laws Laws passed to establish segregation amount black and white citizens
Disenfranchisement Act of denying someone the right to vote - examples: literacy test, poll tax, grandfather clause
Plessy v Fergeson US Supreme Court case - upheld segregation - centered around multi-racial man that was arrested for sitting in a "Whites Only" railroad car
Racial violence Events such as: race riots, lynchings, Leo Frank case
Booker T. Washington Founder & President of Tuskegee University - favored gradual approach to earning equality
W. E. B. Dubois University professor - believed African Americans should demand equality and fight against discrimination and segregation - helped organize NAACP
Alonzo Herndon Atlanta businessman - barber - owner of Atlanta Mutual Insurance Company - became wealthiest African American in Atlanta
equal Plessy v Ferguson upheld segregation and idea of "separate but ________"
Leo Frank case Event was an example of anti-semitism during the New South era
New South Name of Henry Grady's plan/idea that called for change in the south - industrialization
Created by: Lynn - TCMS