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Great Depression

5th grade GA Great Depression

What year did the Stock Market Crash? 1929
What was Black Tuesday? The day that the Stock Market crashed
President elected in 1929. He was president at the beginning of the great depression. He didn't help much with the conditions of the great depression. He believed that charities should help the needy. Herbert Hoover
President elected in 1933. His Plan to help the United States was known as "The New Deal" Franklin D Roosevelt FDR
A severe drought and bad farming techniques led to this. Huge dust storms blew through the plains in the West. Many people lost their farms and had to migrate to California. The Dust Bowl
What charity program provided food for unemployed, poor and homeless people during the great depression? Soup Kitchens
This New Deal program constructed roads, building, libraries airports and schools. They also hired artists to paint, complete murals and construct sculptures. WPA
This New Deal program put people in camps to to complete projects to maintain sate and national forests. People were given jobs to work in forests making trails, fighting fires and planting trees. CCC
This New Deal program put people to work. They built dams, bridges and road. The dams brought electricity to the region. TVA
Famous musician. He was a composer and pianist in the 1930's. The music genre was Jazz, big band and swing. Duke Ellington
This famous author is known for her Novel "Gone with the wind" Margaret Mitchell
African American Track and Field Athlete during the 1930's. He beat records while in college and he won metals in the Olympics Jessie Owens
Created by: apetrillo