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IGHS Winkels

World Geography Chapters 1-4

Culture the way of life of a society
Cartographers mapmakers
Rotation a complete turn of the earth on its axis every 24 hours
Revolution the year's earthly orbit around the sun/365 1/4 days
Peninsula a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides
Equator 0 degrees latitude/all lines run parallel to it
Prime Meridian 0 degrees longitude
Doldrums a windless area near the equator
Absolute Location a direct spot on the map
Glacier a large sheet of moving ice
Irrigation a way of bringing water to dry land
Meteorologist a person who studies the weather
Political map shows state and national boundaries, and capital cities
Physical map shows mountains, rivers, lakes
Map projection a way of representing the rounded earth on a flat surface
Developed country strong education, technology skills, and industry
Conifer trees (pine) have needles and cones
Deciduous trees have leaves
Developing country lacks money, resources, and skilled workers/traditional farming and not much technology
Demography study of populations such as birth, death, migration and marriage
Climate zones 5 major zones
Poles are located in the High Latitudes
Weathering breaking down rocks by physical or chemical means
5 Themes of Geography Location, Place, Human/Environmental interaction, Movement, Regions,
4 major landforms mountains, plains, plateaus, hills
3 types of high-latitude climates Tundra, Subarctic, Icecap
Literacy rate how many people can read and write
EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency) protects the environment from pollution
Archipelago a large group of islands
Lines of latitude run east and west, but measure north and south
Lines of longitude run north and south, but measure east and west
Distortion the stretching of earth when it appears on a map as compared to a globe
Prevailing winds winds that blow in fairly constant patterns
Created by: Winkels



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