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Chapter 9 Review

Launching a New Republic

inaugurate to swear in or induct into office in a formal ceremony
cabinet a group of department heads who serve as advisers to the president
tariff a tax on imported goods
neutral not siding with one country or the other
foreign policy relations with the governments of other countries
political party a group of people that tries to promote its ideas and influence government
Federal Judiciary Act helped create a court system and gave the Supreme Court 6 members
Battle of Fallen Timbers An American army defeated 2,000 Native Americans in a clash over control of the Northwest Territory.
Treaty of Greenville A 1795 agreement in which 12 Native American tribes surrendered much of present day Ohio and Indiana (the Northwest Territory) to the U.S. government.
Whiskey Rebellion A 1794 protest against the government's tax on whiskey, which was valuable to the livelihood of backcountry farmers.
French Revolution In 1798, the French launched a movement for liberty and equality.
Jay's Treaty The agreement that ended dispute over American shipping during the French Revolution.
Pinckney's Treaty A 1795 treaty with Spain that allowed Americans to use the Mississippi River and to store goods in New Orleans.
XYZ Affair A 1797 incident in which French officials demanded a bribe from U.S. diplomats.
Alien and Sedition Acts A series of four laws enacted in 1798 to reduce the political power of recent immigrants to the U.S.
states' rights A theory that said states had the right to judge when the federal government had passed a law that was unconstitutional.
What was the capital of the U.S. when George Washington became president? New York
Who mainly opposed white settlement in the Northwest Territory? Native Americans
In the late 1700's, which country claimed much of the land west of the Mississippi River? Spain
Who was our nation's first Secretary of the Treasury - given the responsibility of managing the government's money? Alexander Hamilton
True or False - Washington felt the country needed peace to prosper. True
Why did government leaders feel it was necessary to repay its war dept? To assure other countries the U.S. was responsible with money, to win the respect of foreign nations, to earn the respect of private citizens, and so other nations would continue to do business with the U.S.
Why was Alexander Hamilton in favor of creating a national bank? It would give the government a safe place to keep money, it would make loans to businesses and the government, it would issue paper money that could be used as currency, it would strengthen the central government.
Why was the Northwest Territory important to the growth of the United States? It was important to the security and growth of the U.S., and gave America access to the port of New Orleans - a key to trade.
Federalist Party Favored a strong national government, a loose or broad interpretation of the Constitution, favored a national bank, an economy based on shipping and manufacturing, was supported by lawyers, merchants, and manufacturers.
Democratic-Republican Party Favored a limited national government, a strict interpretation of the Constitution, opposed a national bank, an economy based on farming, supported by farmers and skilled tradespeople.
How did the Battle of Fallen Timbers impact Native Americans? Tribes agreed to give up most of their land in present-day Ohio and Indiana (the Northwest Territory).
What issues divided Americans in the late 1700's? How strong the central government should be, the U.S. economy, the creation of a national bank, foreign policy.
What is considered to be Washington's greatest precedent that he set as our first president? Stepping down as president after 2 terms (8 years) in office.
How did the French Revolution impact the U.S.? Americans were divided over their support for France or Britain.
True or False - President Washington declared that the U.S. would remain neutral in the war between France and Britain. True
What is a precedent? An example that is set for others to follow.
Which president was the first to live in Washington, DC - our nation's new capital? John Adams
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