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US History Final

1st semester final review

Progressivism in the 1900's can be described as? Reforming societal issues such as welfare, morality (prohibition), economic/political reforms and trying to foster efficiency through Government intervention
How did the roles of women change in the early 1900's? By entering the workforce, getting educated and gaining the right to vote
The presidency of Teddy Roosevelt can be described as? Changing the role of the president by the way he campaigned and engaged the American people.
What was President Roosevelt's Square Deal? The President looking out for the average American in this country and not being taken advantage of by big business.
Prohibition outlawed tobacco in the 1800's False
In what way was city governments were reformed during the progressive era? By ending waste and political corruption. Often times this was done by muckrackers.
Winning votes from state to state was successful for women in 1903 when they won a federal amendment? False, they had a 3 prong approach to gaining suffrage and they were eventually successful is passing a constitutional amendment after WW1.
Who wrote the book that gave President Roosevelt the inspirations to change the way meat was processed and sold? Upton Sinclair
Who used time and motion to become more efficient aka scientific management? Frederick Winslow Taylor
Who was a Governor of Wisconsin who was involved with the laboratory of Democracy? Robert M. La Follette
Who was the leader of the suffragists in the fight to gain the right to vote for women? Susan B Anthony
Which president was the first to combat big business? Theodore Roosevelt
What made the US start reaching to become an empire? Desire for military strength, new markets, the belief of a superior culture
What is a factor that brought the US to war with Spain? Yellow journalism, De Lome letter, and destruction of the USS Maine
What did the US get from the Spanish American War? Freed Cuba (sort of) and gained the new territories of Puerto Rico and the Philippines.
What country did the US almost go to war with during the early 1900's after General John Pershing was sent after Poncho Villa? Mexico
How did the US deal with getting new lands? Set up a US flag and annexed the country
Seward's Folly was the attempt to buy eastern continental Asian Russia (also known as Alaska)? True
The Treaty of Paris upset some become it looked as if the lands were being annexed for the benefit of the US and not of those people? True
The lands we acquired from the Spanish American war were happy to be under the control of the United States? False
Which president had the idea of Dollar Diplomacy? William Howard Taft
Which Cuban nationalist wanted the US to get involved in Cuban affairs with Spain? Jose Marti
What started WWI? The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand (this was the spark don't forget the 4 MAIN causes)
What fighting was dominant during WWI? Trench Warfare
How did WWI NOT affect the United States? Businesses came together and did away with competition
What were the biggest controversies with the 14 points and the Treaty of Versailles? The League of Nations
What event brought the US into WWI? French U-boats sinking Americans ships and killing American citizens. Remember the Lusitania
The US made espionage acts during WWI to ensure freedom? False
The US gave the allies a boost and helped defeat the Central powers True
The government was conservative during WWI False
The Treaty of Versailles was accepted by the US Senate False
Who was in control of the US war economy? David Lloyd George
Which conscientious objector was a great soldier? Alvin York
What was a result of the war? The fear of a communistic revolution (Red Scare)
After WWI America can be described as wanting to get back to worrying about itself and being an isolationist.
Two words to describe Harding's administration? Government Scandals
How can Americas attitude towards immigrants be understood after WWI? Sacco and Vanzetti, quota system in 1921, KKK.
How did the US return to normal after the war? The US returned to isolationism and conservatism
What industry had the biggest impact in the 1920's? The automobile
Why was labor messed with after the war? Their was a recession, workers sacrificed wages and hours, immigrants taking jobs, government regulations limited the power.
What had the biggest impact on our economy in the 1920's? The installment plan
Which member of the Ohio gang leased oil reserve to oil companies for money Albert B. Fall
There we not many disputes due to the involvement of the Government running the economy during the first world war. False, there were hundreds of strikes when the war ended
Republican presidents helped the economy a lot in the 1920's False
The installment plan helped the economic prosperity during the 1920's True
America in the 1920's can be described as Exciting
In what way did America NOT change during the 1920's? The Prohibition experiment ended
What aspects caused Americas fear of immigrants during the 1920's The Red Scare, the Quota System, and the KKK
How did the role of women change in the 1920's? Women became more liberal and tried to shed their traditional roles.
What was the main reason for the explosion of the New Heroes during the 1920's? Advent of the Radio (think sports stars, pilots, etc)
Who was the most popular man in America during the 1920's was... Charles Lindberg
Famous writer in the 1920's... Sinclair Lewis
Famous writer in the 1920's... Ernest Hemingway
Famous writer in the 1920's... F. Scott Fitzgerald
Famous writer in the 1920's... Edna St. Vincent Millay
What was the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's? The incredible literary and artistic movement and expression of African Americans
Author of The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald
Famous Harlem Renaissance musician expressing in Creole Jazz bands Louis Armstrong
The 1920's are known as a very good time for America with a large economic boom True
Organized crime thrived in the 1920's True (largely thanks to prohibition)
Factors that caused the Great Depression Farmers income declined by more than half
Factors that caused the Great Depression Major industries started failing
Factors that caused the Great Depression Living on credit and the accumulation of debt (disappearance of the middle class)
Factors that caused the Great Depression 1/2 of the banks in America failed
When did the Great Depression begin? 1929
What were consequences of the Great Depression? Bread lines, Soup Kitchens, Shantytowns, and banks failing
What was not a psychological effect of the Great Depression? The number of schools increased, but the suicide and incarceration rates both went up.
How can one describe President Hoover's approach on the Great Depression? Cautious- tried some things but not many
How Hoover approached the Great Depression... Boulder Dam project, Federal Home Loan Bank act, Backing Cooperatives to help farmers
How can FDR's approach to the Great Depression be described as? Invigorating- Took tons of action that worked to end the depression
How did President Roosevelt attempt to calm and inform America during the Great Depression? Fireside Chats
Who did FDR receive criticism from at the end of the Great Depression? Conservatives, Liberals, and the Supreme Court
FDR's greatest attempt to end the Great Depression was... Get money into the economy by creating jobs through new deal programs
What was FDR's lasting achievement from the Great Depression? Social Security Act
Who profited during the 1930's? Motion Picture Industries
What was the biggest impact from the New Deal? The increase in size of our Federal Government
Created by: SpencerManning
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