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Road to War

adolf hitler Nazi leader bad guy led the killing of over 6 million jews
advantages of great britain large equipped army island country own turf RAF (Royal Air Force)
american first committee formed to block further aid to Great Britain leader- Charles Lindbergh
appeasement giving into a competitor's demands in order to keep the peace
battle of britain in London turning point of the war bc it is the first defeat of Hitler target: Britain's aircraft factories and oil storage tanks "The Blitz" did not damage the will of Britain's people.
benito mussolini Fascist Il Duce sounds like a pasta wanted North Africa felt cheated out of promised lands not received poor, weak Italian Army
blitzkrieg "lightning wars" 1. bomb from the air 2. tanks and artillery 3. infantry (soldier) attack
cash and carry non-military goods would be given to any nation that came to the US with their own ships (not US) and paid with cash
charles lindbergh leader of American First Committee
communist party leader: Joseph Stalin
emperor hirohito Japanese emperor nationalism Japan needed raw materials to make their goods US cuts off trade bc Japan is attacking other countries
fascist party leader: Benito Mussolini
franklin roosevelt president of US wants to help Great Britain in the war creates lend-lease as loophole to aid Britain
great depression awful event following WWI that affects everyone
japan's goals to destroy US fleet and attack US before we could rebuild during Pearl Harbor
joseph stalin Communist leader "Comrade" wanted Eastern Europe Red Army (largest in Europe) just wanted to kill his own people
lend-lease act allowed president to aid any nation whose defense he believed was vital to American security
mein kampf book Hitler wrote "My Struggle" mapped out his plans no one read it, had they read it, none of the Holocaust would have happened because Hitler would have been thwarted
nazi party leader: Hitler took part as aggressors in WWII
neutrality acts 1. banned US from providing weapons to nations at war 2. banned loans to nations at war 3. permitted cash-carry
pearl harbor December 7th, 1941 japan attack US in Hawaii unanticipated event over 2000 US sailors died
poland Hitler invaded after appeasement and war begun on September 1, 1939
december 8, 1941 roosevelt's address to congress for a declaration of war
winston churchill Prime minister of Great Britain BFFs with FDR gave famous speech to keep Britain's will to fight during Battle of Britain
Rhineland first territory Hitler took in 1936 , no problems
Austria second piece Hitler took in 1938 , no problems
Sudetenland third territory Hitler took in 1938 . problems
Chamberlain great britain prime minister that argued with Hitler a bit but let him only keep sudetenland
national pride, people working, more land three things that came with Hitler's rebuild of the Nazi army
non-aggression pact 10 year deal between Hitler and Stalin, lasted 3 years. Hitler didn't want to fight a two front war. Stalin wanted to kill his own people and not fight war.
September 1, 1939 date of invasion of Poland that started the war
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