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Road to War

Adolf Hitler Led the Nazi Party/NSDAP Started WWII
Advantages of Great Britain Allies More resources than Central Powers
Appeasement Coming to peace with someone by conforming to their demands
Battle of Britain Hitler used Blitzkrieg solution on Britain but it failed; British morale was too strong Germany bombed British aircraft factories, airfields, and oil storage; Britain set up fake targets and hid their factories British kept Germans from expanding north
Benito Mussolini Backed Hitler up in WWII Italian leader
Blitzkrieg "Lightning War" Hitler had the Luftwaffe (German Air Force), tanks and artillery, and infantry Used on many countries including France Step 1: Air bombing Step 2: Weaken enemy morale Step 3: Walk infantry and tanks in, take enemy land
Cash and Carry When a good is fully paid for and taken away by the purchaser at the time (ex: buying groceries)
Charles Lindbergh Famous Royal Air Force (British RAF) pilot
Communist Party Led by Joseph Stalin during WWII
Emperor Hirohito Led Japan in WWII Responsible for the strike on Pearl Harbor
Fascist Party Led by Benito Mussolini (Italy) (Title: Il Duce) Weak and poor army/economy
Franklin Roosevelt U.S. President during WWII
Great Depression U.S. stock market crashed, resulting in a worldwide economic depression
Japan's Goals Needed raw materials to make goods Expansion (Started fighting U.S. because they cut oil trade and financial aid off to stop Japan's expansion)
Joseph Stalin Led the USSR and Communist Party during WWII
Lend-Lease Act U.S. gave Allies resources during WWII Aid was to be repaid in money after the war Act passed in 1941
Mein Kampf "My Struggle" Book written by Adolf Hitler Gave him stronger influence
Nazi Party Led by Adolf Hitler AKA NSDAP
Neutrality Acts Laws passed in 1935-'39 to limit U.S. involvement in future wars Made due to the belief that the U.S. was pulled into WWI through trade with Allies
Pearl Harbor Struck by Japanese on December 7, 1944 Started war between Japan and U.S. Part of the foundation of starting WWII
Poland Taken by Germany in WWII
Roosevelt's Address to Congress Restricted Japanese trade to stop expansion Responsible for Neutrality Acts
Winston Churchill Leader of Great Britain during WWII
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