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Texas Hist. 3rd SW

Review Cards for 3rd SW Test

Anson Jones 3rd President of the Republic of Texas - Leaders during annexation of Texas to the United States
Battle of Gonzales First battle of the Texas Revolution that proved to the Texans that they could defeat the Mexican Army and gain independence
Sam Houston The "George Washington" of Texas - Texas Revolution war hero and first President.
James Fannin Leader of the Texas troops at Coleto Creek - Captured and executed at the Goliad Massacre.
Texas Revolution Timeline 1. Battle of Gonzales. 2. Battle / Siege of the Alamo. 3. The Constitutional Convention of 1836. 4. The Goliad Massacre. 5. The Battle o f San Jacinto.
1845 The year was annexed by the United States.
Law of April 6, 1830 Main purpose was to stop United States citizens from immigrating to Texas.
Texas Rangers Protected the frontier and Texans from Native Americans (Indians).
Freedom for most and slavery allowed. Result of the establishment of the Republic of Texas and the Texas Constitution.
William B. Travis Commander of the Texas troops at the Alamo.
Annexation The adding of something - example, the annexation of Texas to the United States.
Mirabeau Lamars dealings the the Native Americans (Indians). 1. Forced Cherokees into Oklahoma 2. Killed their Chief - John Bowles 3. Council House fight - with the Comanches
South Part of the State (North, South, East or West) Where the Texas Revolution Battles took place and many German settlers made their home.
Potential war with Mexico Reason the United States originally did not want to annex Texas.
Popular Sovereignty A government in which the people hold the power, primarily through electing their officials (voting).
Separation of Power Evidence through the 3 branches of government.
Santa Fe Expedition Continued tensions with Mexico and eventually led to Texas being annexed to the United States.
Juan Seguin Served with Sam Houston during the Battle of San Jacinto. The only Tejano to serve in the Senate of the Republic of Texas.
Texas Navy under Sam Houston mostly ineffective and a drain on Texas finances.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Ended the Mexican War