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SC Colony

Use this stack to help you prepare for your SC Colony Test

The Carolina Colony belonged to this European country England
The King put this group in charge: The 8 Lords Proprietors
The most important member of the Lords Proprietors was Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper
Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper helped write the: The Fundamental Constitution of Carolina
Reasons to come to Carolina Colony 1.Free Land 2. Ability to own slaves 3. Voice in government or right to vote 4. Freedom of Religion
England This group first went to Barbados from Europe, but then moved to the Carolina Colony to build plantations
Huguenots This group came from France, and helped start schools and feed the poor
Jews This group came from all over Europe to the Carolina Colony so they could practice their religion freely. They built a synagogue in Charleston.
Germans This group settled in the backcountry and began growing wheat in farms which is why it became known as the “breadbasket” of the colony
Scotch Irish This group also settled in the backcountry, growing wheat on farms, but the first thing they built was a church to build their township around.
Most successful cash crops (2) Rice and Indigo
Which Native American tribe lived along the coast and in the backcountry of SC? Yemassee
Native Americans traded ______ with the English furs
English traded ________ with the Native Americans guns and knives
Which Native American tribe started a war with European settlers? Yemassee
Which Native American tribe helped the settlers in the war? Cherokee
What also killed many Native Americans? Illness or disease
After the war, a new person was put in charge of the Carolina Colony. Who was that person? A royal governor
What group of people was brought to Carolina against their will? African Slaves
Why was this group of people brought to South Carolina? To work on plantations
Where did most slaves work? On plantations
African slaves were brought on what? ships
Was the trip African slaves took to Carolina easy? NO
Huguenots started the South Carolina Society,
Which two SC Explorers came from England Henry Woodward and William Hilton
Which two immigrant groups settled in the Backcountry? Germans and the Scotch Irish
Created by: laurachudson