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Constitution and Gov

Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Government

Virginia Plan (Large State Plan) Called for two house legislature with representation based on population.
New Jersey Plan (Small State Plan) Called for one house legislature with all states getting equal representation.
Great Compromise Created two house legislature with one house based on population and with all states getting equal representation in the other house.
3/5ths Compromise Said that each group of 5 slaves would be counted as 3 citizens in the census.
James Madison Often referred to as the Father of the Constitution.
George Washington President of the Constitutional Convention.
House of Representatives Lower house of Congress. Representation based on population.
Senate Upper house of Congress. All states have two representatives.
Requirements to serve in House of Representatives 25 years old, citizen for 7 years, reside in state being represented.
Requirements to serve in Senate 30 years old, citizen for 9 years, reside in state being represented.
Requirements to serve as President 35 years old, born a citizen, and reside in United States for last 14 years.
Requirements to serve on the Supreme Court No requirements are listed in the Constitution.
House of Representatives term 2 years
Senate Term 6 years
President's term 4 years
Supreme Court Justice's term Lifetime
1st Amendment Protects freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.
2nd Amendment Protects right to bear arms.
3rd Amendment Prevents quartering of soldiers
4th Amendment Protects against unwarranted search or seizure.
5th Amendment Protects against double jeopardy, self incrimination, due process, right to an indictment, and eminent domain.
6th Amendment Protects right to speedy and public trial,impartial jury, right to confront witnesses, compel witnesses to testify, and right to a lawyer.
7th Amendment Protects right to a jury trial in civil cases worth more than $20.
8th Amendment Protects against excessive bail and fines and cruel or unusual punishment.
9th Amendment Says all of your rights aren't spelled out in the Constitution.
10th Amendment Says rights not given to the national government go to the states or the people.
Veto A president choosing not to allow a bill to become law.
Override 2/3rds of both houses of Congress can override a president's veto.
Pocket Veto If a president does nothing to a bill for 10 days and Congress is not in session, the bill is automatically vetoed.
Impeachment Congress can charge the president with a crime and try them in the Senate. Same can be done to federal court judges.
Judicial Review Federal courts can declare laws or executive actions unconstitutional.
Power to declare war Only Congress has this power.
270 The number of electors needed for a candidate to be chosen for President.
Electoral college The group that chooses the President of the United States
Number of electors for a state The total number of members of Congress that state has.
Indict To be officially charged with a crime by a Grand Jury
Double Jeopardy Being charged with the same class after being found not guilty.
Eminent Domain Government taking private land for public use.
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