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6 Hist Ch 5 BJU

1500 BC The Aryan civilization began
2300 BC The Harappan civilization began
Aryan civilization Warlike people
Aryan civilization Their way of life became the characteristic culture of ancient and modern India
Asoka Under his leadership he United most of the Indian Subcontinent
Brahman The great god called the great soul or world soul
Buddha Siddhartha Gautama changed his name to _______________
Caste A social class
Chandragupta Maurya The first emperor of the Mauryan Empire
Dharma The duty that a Hindu must follow to become a part of Brahman
Family and castes The two basic social groups in India
Good works and right thinking What does Buddhism teach that a persons salvation or enlightenment depends on?
Harappan Civilization They had indoor plumbing, running water and a sewage system
The Himalaya Mountains form a natural barrier that separate it from the rest of the continent Why is India often called the "Indian Subcontinent"?
Hinduism The religion that the Aryans developed
Hinduism What do most people living in India claim as their religion?
*Hinduism teaches:* 1. Their are many gods 2. To have a better afterlife obey the Hindu rules and do God works 3. After death you can life in other things such as animals *the Bible teaches:* 1. There is only one true God 2. Jesus Christ is our Savi Essay: Contrast Hinduism with Biblical Truth. Give three differences
Linguist A scholar who studies languages
Mauryan Empire This empire had a centralized government
Monsoon A wind that reverses direction with the change of seasons
Pantheism The idea that everything in the universe is a part of a supreme being
Reincarnation The belief that a person lives more than once in different bodies
Sir John Hubert Marshall The archeologist who discovered Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
They do not know the language of the Harappan language What is the reason that archeologist have been unable to unravel the mysteries of the Harappan people?
Untouchable Outcasts; rejected by others and excluded from normal life
Mauryan Empire with thousands of stupas
Aryan civilization whose way of life became the characteristic culture of ancient and modern India
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