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WWII Vocabulary

Dr. Campbell

Adolf Hitler Dictator of Germany during WWII
Benito Mussolini Dictator of Italy during WWII
Joseph Stalin Dictator of Soviet Union during WWII
Germany, Italy, Japan Axis country during WWII
Great Britain, France, US, Soviet Union Allied countries during WWII
Relocation camps for the Japanese/Americans people in the US were afraid the Japanese might be loyal to the enemy so they were moved to the relocation camps
D-day massive invasion in Europe
June 6 D-day invasion in Normandy, France
Concentration camps Camps in which Germans were enslaved and murdered those people that they saw as enemies. Imprisoned people like Jews, disabled, mentally challenged, anyone not "pure" German.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Sites of the US atomic bomb drops
Holocaust attempt to destroy the Jewish People
Pacific fighting the Japanese during WWII
Europe fighting Germany during WWII
Created by: fitzzypa