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Chap 15 western civ

Philip II of Spain dominated the second half of the sixteenth century because of his determination to defeat the enemies of Catholicism.
England's victory over the Spanish Armada accomplished all of the following EXCEPT sparking rebellions in Portugal, Catalonia, Naples, and Sicily
The Dutch revolt was all of the following EXCEPT the religious war that ended with a treaty ensuring tolerance for both confessions
All of the following were issues in the French Civil War EXCEPT Philip II's desire to draw France into his dynastic empire.
All of the following are true of the combatants in the Thirty Years' War EXCEPT that the Swedes, Spanish, and French sought to keep the empire weak to enhance their own relative strength.
The Peace of Westphalia was important for all of the following reasons EXCEPT that it secured Spanish control of Holland.
The primary cause of the military revolution was gunpowder
Between 1550 and 1700, the size of the largest army in Europe increased from around 40,000 to 400,000 men
The growth of the military caused all of the following to increase EXCEPT the amount of damage done by soldiers to the areas where they were stationed.
All of the following social groups were centers of opposition to the English monarch EXCEPT the nobility
The Petition of Right called for an end to all of the following EXCEPT the king's right to dissolve Parliament
The major factions in the English Civil War included all of the following EXCEPT Lutherans, who wanted to make the original Protestantism the state religion.
The English Civil War ended with the Restoration of the Stuart dynasty because the rebels were unable to create viable permanent structures.
Henry IV's accomplishments included all of the following EXCEPT leading the French intervention in the Holy Roman Empire that frustrated Habsburg designs.
Cardinal Richelieu accomplished all of the following EXCEPT leading the French to final victory in the Thirty Years' War.
The growth of royal power in France caused discontent in all of the following groups EXCEPT merchants, who opposed the heavy hand of government regulation.
The Fronde failed because of the disillusionment and disunity of the rebels.
Spain suffered from all of the following problems in the mid-seventeenth century EXCEPT an increasing reliance on imported foods to feed its people
Which of the following was able to break away from the Spanish control during the revolts at mid-century? Portugal
The primary constitutional struggle in the United Provinces was between the House of Orange, backed by the rural provinces, and the merchant oligarchy that controlled Holland.
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