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JFK Study Stack

JFK Studying Flash Cards

What country did Oswald try to defect to in 1959? USSR or Russia
Where did Oswald work on the day of JFK's assassination? Texas Book Depository
What floor did Oswald choose as his point of attack? The 6th Floor
What gift did the sheriff give to JFK at the breakfast? A Cowboy Hat
What was the name of the presidential airplane first used by JFK? Air Force One
Why didn't JFK allow the Secret Service agents to ride on the parade car? He wanted people to be able to see him.
Why was a lady so excited to see Jackie's dress? Her dress was like Jackie's.
How many shots did Oswald fire at JFK? 3
What did most people do when they heard the shots? screamed, dove for cover, and ran
Why was it a bad idea for the Secret Service agents to try to clean the car? They got rid of evidence
Why did Lyndon Johnson insist on being sworn in as president before they returned to Washington? So people would see that our government was OK.
Who killed Oswald? Jack Ruby
Where was JFK buried? Arlington National Cemetary